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Sprite Quotient: Why is it only about music?

Recently YouTube was infected with a “viral” video of the Sprite Quotient campaign. The concept, coherent with the brand image, is about doing the same old things but doing them differently. 538 more words

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The Best Ads of 2014

posted by: Carli Lukes

Ad #1: Samsung Galaxy S3, “Wall Huggers”

I first saw this ad when streaming a TV show online at Hulu.com. Hulu tends to show me a lot of ads about phones and tablets. 903 more words

Ad Review

Facebook Messenger Subway Ads: PR>Advertising

Facebook has come under fire in recent months for its first standalone smartphone application, the Messenger app. The free-to-chat app was launched in 2011 and received less than stellar reviews from mobile users, but was able to reach an impressive… 657 more words

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GoPro's New Launch Video Flips the Script

GoPro has enjoyed an impressive grasp on the pocket camera market since the category was created more than a decade ago. Competitors, such as Sony’s… 599 more words

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Ad Review #1 - An Open Letter to Sprint

Let’s add a new topic that I’ll kinda sorta sometimes remember to blog about on a regular basis.

Ad reviews! So many ads, so little time. 571 more words