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Agency: JWT India, Banglore. Director: Senthil Kumar

Be it a gully cricket match or that played in posh grounds, the common dream which every Indian shares is to play for Team India.It goes without saying that ‘Cricket is beyond religion’ in India. 280 more words

Vogue With Brahmin!

I love this ad guys! I love how the models are blacked out and the focus is solely on the bags. Since the models are blacked out and we can’t see there outfits I wonder if the executives at Brahmin would be opposed to the models being nude but still blacked out? 8 more words

Vogue with Miu Miu!

Ok ya’ll sorry to have kept you waiting with my Vogue reviews but it’s mid-terms week at my college so I’ve been studying my butt off hahaha! 162 more words

Samsung Continues to Creatively Mock Apple

Samsung has released yet another ad poking fun at their largest competitor. If you don’t recall the commercial in which the iPad is hiding behind a number two¬† pencil, take a look at it… 94 more words