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The Beastie Boy's Own AD-Rock Remixes Ratking's "Canal"

This one right here is extremely interesting. AD-Rock remixed the beat for Ratking’s “Canal”. He stripped down the entire beat but it sounds sick nonetheless. AD-Rock and Mike D have been relatively quite since the death of Adam Yauch and this is one of the only pieces of music from any of the Beasties Boys. Check out the remix below.


"Canal (Ad-Rock Remix)" - Ratking

Canal es una canción cruda, ruidosa y eufórica; el beat es tan desordenado como placentero. Lo malo de eso es que distrae de las letras de Wiki y Hak. 96 more words

'Paul's Boutique' Turns 25 Today, So Let's Watch The Beastie Boys On 'Soul Train'

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