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A Recipe to Die for!

Directed by Nathanial Hörnblowér (MCA aka Adam Yauch’s behind the camera alias), the Body Movin’ video, a farcical exploration into the fascinating, yet nonsensical action-adventure-thriller, was the 2nd single off the band’s 1998… 74 more words


Ill Communication

Beastie Boys (1994)

Redefining the musical landscape for the third and final time, the Beasties clotheslined the rules of hip-hop by playing their own instruments and music on this record, in addition to writing their own musical material. 128 more words

Listening To History

Beastie Boys Vs. Goldieblox Lawsuit Finally Comes to an End

This week marks the end of a copyright case I had been intending to cover in this blog for some time. The Beastie Boys Vs. Goldieblox infringement saga has finally drawn to a close. 723 more words


Buckshot Challenges Lord Jamar’s Confirmed Claim That Hip Hop Is A Black Art Form

The topic of race in Hip Hop has been an ongoing discussion since the start of the culture. In recent months, the success of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis has brought the issue back to the forefront, and one of the main individuals that has consistently criticized white rappers in Hip Hop is Lord Jamar. 303 more words

Hiphop News(Review)

Licensed To Ill

Beastie Boys (1986)

This album needs to be approached delicately, because it’s so over the top so as to be controversial to this day. If this hip-hop trio were assessing the impact of this record at age 20, they’d probably make some impulsive, arrogant and tasteless comparison, like how they were reverse Jackie Robinsons, obliterating the racial (and economic) barriers of a cultural pastime and establishing themselves as its creative frontrunners. 294 more words

Listening To History

Freshhhhhhhhh... attaiyah!!

I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of this video. The Beastie Boys were a force of nature, and this is easily my favorite video of them because it showed just how much they owned NYC. 27 more words