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Do you know what your body needs to be healthy and strong? Come learn how to fuel yourself with the right nutrition at our workshop.


Finding a Job

How many of your algebra skills translate to making that first paycheck? Learn how to write a resume at our workshop.


Personal Finance

As a high school student, you might not know important information on concepts like bank accounts, credit cards, and checks. You’ll learn important knowledge like this at our workshop.


Google's New Android Ads Make Fragmentation Cool (Videos)

When talking about Android, critics of Google and fans of Apple (and there’s a bit of overlap between those groups) like to throw around the f-word: … 148 more words


GTLS T-shirts are ready!!

So I’m kind of behind my original schedule because of midterms week but the GTLS t-shirt line is ready to be purchased! I chose to work with Spreadshirt.com, so my online store to go purchase your items are located at… 43 more words


Projekt HomelessFONTS

Jeden z ciekawszych projektów społecznych tego roku. Realizowany przez fundację Arrels z Barcelony. www.homelessfonts.org to pierwsza na świecie strona internetowa, która pozwala na kupienie czcionek opracowanych przez bezdomnych ludzi. 38 more words


Pierwsza reklama seksu

To nie jest film, w którym seks sprzedaje produkt – ołówek i temperówkę. To raczej reklama, w której ołówek i temperówka sprzedają seks. Czy to rzeczywiście pierwsza na świecie reklama seksu? 47 more words