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42: No Directive: HD Nature Challenge

So a couple of weeks ago in class i was thinking a lot about nature and we had did this exercise about how to compete? with Ben and Jerry’s free ice cream day, so i wanted to take it a step forward and say for… 251 more words

On Generation Maybe

We are proud to announce our first publication here at Generation Maybe. The publication is k.d. taylor’s chapbook “guttermouth”. This is preceded by a series of photographs and art work(featured at http://society6.com/generationmaybe and deerwoodtrail.tumblr.com). 47 more words


Our pick. Recent creative outdoor advertisement

A perfect outdoor advertisement formula is: big idea+ bright design+creative placement.

We have selected few  recent examples of outdoor campaigns that are smart, have double-meaning and enhanced with creative execution that makes them even more memorable. 94 more words


the (lucozade) original is always better

Apart from Toy Story.  They’re all more or less equal (though Toy Story 2 might be my favourite).  And Lucozade Orange is probably better than Lucozade Original.  22 more words

Audio Visual

Serviço de arquivos SAMBA

What is your happiest memory? Describe it in rich detail — the setting, the sights, the sounds, the smells.



Nothing Will Cripple You When You Know How The Worst Feels

Hey everyone, 

Jen here. Considering my experience with mental health issues, I should never be caught for anything to discuss. But right now, I feel like dog shit on someone’s shoe. 681 more words