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Vice President Daniel Zoldak Speaking at Modesto Facilities Conference

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lawsuits have become a big topic in recent years among Northern California and the Central Valley. Daniel Zoldak PE, CASp, LEED AP, QSD – Vice President of Lars Andersen & Associates, Inc. 102 more words

'Missing Link' in San Fernando Valley L.A. River Trail Launches

‘Missing Link’ in San Fernando Valley L.A. River Trail Launches

It didn’t look like much right then. The overcast sky combined with the interminable brown and gray of dirt path meeting concrete didn’t help much either, but in by spring 2016, this overlooked piece of land just north of Ventura Boulevard will be replaced with a $2-million Zev Yaroslavsky L.A. 152 more words


ADA compliance may uncover hidden costs

Facilities Cost Management Group (FCMG) representatives warned the Hamburg and Farragut school boards that work to make district buildings ADA compliant may uncover sizable costs in the form of electrical, mechanical, fire and safety code issues.

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Creating a Google Form. What's that? Weekly Post for 11/3

This week, I spent a majority of my time creating my ADA Compliant Accessibility website for Web Page Technologies. Creating the website was a bit challenging and required you to take detailed steps to make sure it was correctly web accessible. 191 more words


ADA Compliance Word Press Website

Last week in Web Page technologies, I began building my ADA Compliant Website, American Disabilities Act Website,  through word press. The only experience that I have with word press is creating and writing this blog for my Web Page Technologies class. 230 more words


Campaign for Disability Employment

About This Event

October 22, 2014 1:00PM to 4:00PM EDT

Qualified job candidates with disabilities now have a direct connection to the employers that are actively recruiting them. 189 more words


ADA Storyboard Popplet

Web Page Technologies has introduced a great number of online resources that can be applied to my other courses and current position. Last week, the class began creating individual popplets to prepare us to build our own website through Word Press. 183 more words