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Obama wouldn't want actor Adam Baldwin to ask this question. But he did anyway!

What question this time? Well, as Twitchy reported, President Obama upped the ignorance factor during his speech Wednesday night when he not only said that… 306 more words

US Politics

Dragon Con 2014: Friday.

Finally got my first Dragon Con post up on the new blog!  You can check it out here.

The Last Ship, Season One - Review and Contest

So, have you felt it yet?  Do you feel it right now?  The sense that something is missing from your weekly routine, a little bit of awesome, apocalyptic, well-acted, largely accurate and respectful naval porn? 2,135 more words

Paradise Lost: 'Firefly' Fandom Sullied

My first innocence lost regarding a beloved artist who turned out to be a terrible person was Van Morrison. I had one of those (probably common) discoveries of the album… 423 more words


I'm A Gamer

What in the hell has been going on the last couple of weeks? Over the past couple of days I’ve started seeing this #GamerGate hashtag pop up on Twitter, and Boogie has been doing some videos about Gamer Hate lately. 1,826 more words


Aug 28 - 29

“what exactly is blacklisting?”

“You don’t get coverage from gaming media in general and certain groups of lets players.
what exactly is a search engine?” 3,222 more words

The Last Ship Finale (Recap and Review) *Contains Spoilers*

The Last Ship Finale (Recap and Review)

Episode 10 of The Last Ship is the show’s finale and if looking at IMDb means anything, a second season has already been approved. 34 more words