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Paradise Lost: 'Firefly' Fandom Sullied

My first innocence lost regarding a beloved artist who turned out to be a terrible person was Van Morrison. I had one of those (probably common) discoveries of the album… 423 more words


I'm A Gamer

What in the hell has been going on the last couple of weeks? Over the past couple of days I’ve started seeing this #GamerGate hashtag pop up on Twitter, and Boogie has been doing some videos about Gamer Hate lately. 1,826 more words


Aug 28 - 29

“what exactly is blacklisting?”

“You don’t get coverage from gaming media in general and certain groups of lets players.
what exactly is a search engine?” 3,222 more words

The Last Ship Finale (Recap and Review) *Contains Spoilers*

The Last Ship Finale (Recap and Review)

Episode 10 of The Last Ship is the show’s finale and if looking at IMDb means anything, a second season has already been approved. 34 more words


Recap: The Last Ship, “No Place Like Home”

The Last Ship promised a shocking season finale, and let me tell you, it delivered. Not only did we get see plenty of action and a new set of villains, but we also saw a bit more character development. 664 more words


The Last Ship, Episode 10 - "No Place Like Home" Review


It’s over.  The season is done and DONE DAMN WELL.  How did it go out?  What bodes for the next season?  How will I ever carry on till next year?!? 1,405 more words

Recap: The Last Ship "Trials"

There’s a cure! Of all the things that happen on this episode— Cossetti’s funeral, the vaccine trial, news of a pregnancy— the moment when Dr. Scott tells Captain Chandler the good news is by far the most significant. 190 more words