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Recap: The Last Ship "Trials"

There’s a cure! Of all the things that happen on this episode— Cossetti’s funeral, the vaccine trial, news of a pregnancy— the moment when Dr. Scott tells Captain Chandler the good news is by far the most significant. 190 more words


The Last Ship, Episode 9 - "Trials" Review

Here it is — the penultimate episode of the inaugural season of television’s best semi-post-apocalyptic near-future naval science fiction!  How does it measure up with the rest of the season?   1,258 more words

Channel Surfing: The Last Ship - 'Two Sailors Walk Into A Bar...'

Last week I didn’t have a chance to get Channel Surfing done for The Last Ship, but I don’t think anybody missed much; I’m almost to the point of giving up on this show, but I will press on through the rest of Season One. 329 more words


The Last Ship, Episode 8 - "Two Sailors Walk Into A Bar . . . ." Review

First of all, just to get it out there, that joke was terrible.  But the episode was damn fun!

This one was firing on all cylinders, implausible but fun.   1,162 more words

The Last Ship, Episode 7 - "SOS" Review (and other stuff)

You ever had a day just sorta get away from you?  (Note, if you’re only here for the Episode 7 review, feel free to skip a bit, brother, down to the bold.)  I had all sortsa responsible intentions the night this aired, but dang it if “The Strain” didn’t come on right after and get me distracted.   1,621 more words

Adam Baldwin feels the pinch at the pump, assigns blame [pic]

Adam Baldwin driving a hybrid would be like John Wayne riding a Segway. It would just be wrong.

Thanks ☮bama & the rest of y'all POS…

276 more words

San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Recap

I got back from San Diego Comic-Con Sunday night. Here it is Wednesday morning and I’m just starting to feel human again.

This was an interesting year for me at SDCC. 513 more words