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Adam Curtis - The Century of The Self: The Happiness Machine

The link below should take you to a webpage where you can view these BB4 documentaries, I felt this was important to include as it will allow others to watch it and not just read what I’ve written.


ART001-2: Engaging With Critical Contexts For Art & Design

War on terror: Mark your side

Critic on The power of nightmares by Adam Curtis


In this documentary Professor Harvey Mansfield, Straussian Philosopher at the Harvard University, talked about liberalism and the ideas of Leo Strauss where his one line grabbed my attention “nothing is true and everything is permitted” this is one of the forms of extremism and extremism serves no good to an idea whether it is Neo-conservative or Radical-Islamist. 126 more words


“We don't read newspapers because the journalism is so boring”

“Newspapers might come back if they could do some good journalism. I mean the reason we don’t read newspapers these days is because the journalism is so boring.” – Adam Curtis in an interview with… 109 more words


Video & Animation: Week 2

Began, as usual, with a couple of videos,

to wake us up and arouse our interest.

The Eye – Dryden Goodwin

Combines drawing with video and still frames, uses sound out of context to unsettle the viewer, 114 more words

Samuel Bailey