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La Rentrée: it's better in French

Saying good-bye to summer is so very hard for us here at Laura Lobdell. As with so many things, the end of summer sounds better in French. 122 more words

Worth reading: The New Yorker 1 Sept 14: Why we Walk

Last night on the bus ride up to the DMZ I read an awesome article in the September 1 issue of the New Yorker. Adam Gopnik’s “ 258 more words


"Heaven's Gaits"

The occasion of Ferris Jabr’s piece on walking, I think, was Adam Gopnik’s review of several books on bipedalism in the September 1 issue of  130 more words


L'aura de Paris


I have news: the flâneuse has equipped herself with new black Converse and has relocated to the streets of Paris. She has subsequently been inspired to abandon retirement and pen another series of stories about life in France. 564 more words

Adam Gopnik

The English major is Dead. Long live the English major.

I already hate myself for the impulse to write this post. I find few things more annoying than a short op-ed or whatever in the New York Times or whatever about the English Major or the Humanities or whatever and how they are disappearing or dwindling or whatever and how we should keep them around because they preserve our highest values and make us better people or whatever and how everyone (“everyone” here is defined as a bunch of sappy humanities people) weighs in with treacly, cliched supports or refutations or whatever. 1,075 more words


Monday Motivation: The dialect of teenagers

-Richard Beynon

Adam Gopnik, staffwriter on the New Yorker, has written an article about teenage dialect, and argues that the dialogue uttered by your typical 14-year-old, peppered with ‘ums’ and ‘likes’, is as subtle a medium of communication as anything ever written by Henry James. 975 more words

Tips For Writers


In its July 20, 2014, issue, The New Yorker carries a piece by Adam Gopnik entitled The Conscientiousness of Kidspeak. It can be found online… 628 more words

Adam Gopnik