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Adam Phillips on starting to write his first book

“Of course, I had no idea how to write a book. I had never had any desire to be a writer. I wanted to be a reader.

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Freud and the Evening News - The Madness Within

A cursory glance at the evening news reveals a picture of humanity violently at odds with itself. The shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, the violent advance of ISIS in Iraq, and the Israeli attacks on Gaza show the continued influence of nationalism and religion as conduits for violence and hatred. 1,526 more words

Personality Disorders

Letter 9

Dear Katherine,

A recurring theme of our letters, which I previously labelled as ‘failure,’ but that we’ve also described as ‘a field and not a path,’ and can be likened to the undesirability of the snail, came to mind today when I read this article… 1,839 more words

Hvorfor bruke tid på å fordype seg i noe?

Hvorfor bruke tid på å fordype seg i litteratur?

Bergen og Vestlandet forøvrig er velsignet med gode forfattere og nå også vårt eget Litteraturhus. Derfir er der gledelig at vi på nettsiden til Time magazine nå finner en artikkel som heter: … 955 more words


Bored? Good. Why boredom is the key to happiness.

Boredom… a good thing? Did I just see your jaw drop and screw your face up in confusion? But seriously, when was the last time you were 100% bored? 666 more words

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