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Another review in LARB

Years ago, I rather liked the essay Adam Phillips wrote on Freud and biography in Darwin’s Worms, which suggested psychoanalysis fundamentally pulls the rug out from the very idea of biography. 58 more words

Pride by Modus Vivendi

When we think that nothing will surprise us, there’s always something that astonishes us and gives us inspiration. Actually, inspiration is what this Modus Vivendi… 434 more words

Male Model

Best wishes for the New Year start with the best from this

The best things I’ve read this year

As with everything else, there’s never enough time to read all the books you’d like to read so the tried and tested take priority. 134 more words


I will admit […] that writing does do something to one’s memory — that at times it can have the effect of an album of childhood photographs, in which each image replaces the memory it aimed to preserve.

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The Best Thing I Read This Week Is ...

… this from an article about depression in The Guardian by Giles Fraser:

God, for me, is the name of the struggle not its simple elimination.

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