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Why Does God Allow Christians to Suffer?

Few seem to have good answers for the question:

“Why didn’t God just create us so that we would never have to experience pain, suffering, or sadness?”

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When Adam lost Lilith

I’m sorry,
I’m such an asshole – honey,
trickling down
will always taste
as sweet, nay matter
which lip it dost lay upon,
either thou ‘r – I… 102 more words


Sin is personal because it is social

When sharing the gospel story and/or talking about sin, I suggest we start with the group, not the individual. In other words, we should discuss sin as a collective-group problem rather than explaining sin… 880 more words


Episod 17 - "Please sign Eero, we need you"

Hej igen!

Nu är vi äntligen tillbaka! Efter några veckors uppehåll så har panelen äntligen samlats för att återigen diskutera AIK. Vi drar lite om hockeyn och de tränare som är klara och sedan blir det väldigt mycket fotboll. 55 more words


poem- apple

When you crunch

into that apple

eyes twinkling,

cheek dimpling.

I am Eve,

and that smile,

glistening with juice,

is paradise

to go.


Recycling Experience- Example from Dr. Albert Schweitzer

The life of Dr. Albert Schweitzer bears out the surge of power by which consciousness and memory can make a sea-change in life of one and serve as a key to many others. 301 more words

Benny Thomas

Adam's Ancestors

One of the (many) highlights of the Evolution and Christian Faith Workshop in Oxford earlier this month was the plenary lecture by David Livingstone, Professor of Geography and Intellectual History at… 1,895 more words