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Introduction to Flow

Flow is a character of movement which has always been a key aspect in my trainings, and is what I believe to be one of the fundamentals of Parkour, and any kind of movement. 929 more words


EARN a Healthy Living

This Stomach36 Blog is now 1 Year Young! Celebrating with some food for thought.

Personal Development

Professionals - those who are adaptable to change

Last night we dine in a Filipino cuisine. While waiting for the food, I grab a magazine on their rack. I found a good read and something is added to knowledge. 128 more words


I Do A Lot of Sleeping Around

Yes, I admit I have a problem. A sleeping problem. Narcolepsy is a real bitch. No, I do not fall asleep while running or at the dinner table. 212 more words


The Philosophy of Being Prepared: What Improv Taught Me

When I was a kid, I belonged to an organization remarkably similar to the Boy Scouts (except for both genders and religiously based) in which you learn to “Be Prepared”. 611 more words


Can Our Organization Change?

Good question posed at a seminar that I was giving recently on organizational change.

I think the parenthetical modifier at the end of that question, however, was the unstated “…for the positive?” If the question had “…for the negative?” at the end,  the question would probably feel pointless and the answer obvious to most people. 307 more words


Move On. Learn. Conquer.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  I don’t really know why; it’s not as if it hasn’t been in the back of my mind that I’d like to update my blog for the first time since summer, but more so just that I’ve been getting caught up in life and all of its wondrous adventures instead of letting  537 more words