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Be Adaptable- To be adaptable does not mean to give up

Today, my brother said to me ” it’s amazing how we just adapt to some things.” We were talking about my mother and her struggles to walk. 185 more words


Adapters vs. Non-Adapters

Earlier this week I had an epiphany of sorts about communication.  Now to see if I can communicate it clearly.

I was having a conversation where someone was trying to explain something to me. 451 more words

Social Issues

The North Wind of Change

The winds have picked up in Pittsburgh this week, with a touch of a North Wind chill in the air. The North Wind is active in mythology for its cold, stormy activity, and is known generally as the bringer of change. 388 more words

Upside Down Kingdom

Stop Trying to Sell Alarm Systems to Dogs

There are “no solicitation” signs posted in my neighborhood; apparently, they are merely decoration.

Yesterday, I had a young man knock on my door, clipboard in hand.  642 more words

First thing first,the most important attribute of life is to absorb all that comes along.one cannot promulgate an idea unless he has adequtely analysed it.Nothing teaches more than experience.similarly,when many bloggers profess that they are making their living by blogging,it cannot be believed unless one himself doesn’t start making some himself.However their stories can act as guide.Secondly,everyone in life needs some sort of help,it may be direct or indirect.A seed absorbs all it needs from its surrounding before it grows.when it has grown it gives back the enviorment in lieu of assistance it recieved.so,we too should absorb the lesson the life teaches us,find a way to remain staight inspite of what the situation is and when on top of it stay humbled and give something to others in return.


Electronic Magazine - August, 2014, v13#8: Marketing

Don’t lose sight of marketing (in any form or format) being an ongoing effort. Never look at a strategy as “one and done”. It should continue and plans evolve – unless you have sold out of a planned, definitive edition and have no plans of ever again republishing. 23 more words

Electronic Magazine

Don't be afraid of change

We aren’t always going to get things right the first time. And that is more than okay! The meal plan I was on, wasn’t working for me so I had to change things up on Sunday to see if that suits my needs better! 225 more words