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A Blind High School Teacher Didn’t Teach with Her Eyes, But with Her Heart

The heart of a school teacher, translated…

“How can you teach if you can’t see?”, that, is the mostly asked question to Hsieh, but, she’d always replied with the utmost confidence, “with my lips, with my heart, so long as you have heart, it can be done!” the thirty-four year old Hsieh, because of her optical nerve deterioration, back in high school, her eyesight started becoming worse and worse, she couldn’t live the dreams of becoming a lawyer, but she didn’t get beaten by the “darkness”, instead, with the encouragements from her classmates, she’d gone to schools to substitute, then, entered into the examinations of school teachers, and now, she teaches civic duties to high school students. 346 more words


First Impressions of The Hobbit: Battle of (the) Five Armies.

Right off the bat you are going to be entering spoiler country for the movie which premiered last night / today.

The biggest complaint everyone has had about the Hobbit movies in general has been either 1) It’s bloated 2) It’s different from the book 3) Too much CGI and 4) It’s not The Lord of the Rings trilogy. 1,230 more words


Happy Birthday to a Christmas Classic

A Christmas Carol turns 171 years old today

A perfect time to share Charles Dickens wonderful novella about the 3 ghosts who visit Scrooge and show him the true meaning of Christmas.   15 more words


An Alphabetical Account (Save N, X, and Y) of My Favorite Literary Films Streaming on Netflix

A is for AustenMansfield Park

B is for Bukowski – Bukowski: Born Into This
B is for Barrie - Hook

C is for Carver – … 626 more words

10 Classic 'Christmas Carol' Interpretations On Film

Today, December 17th, marks the day that the Charles Dickens Christmas classic, A Christmas Carol, was first published in 1843.

Well over a hundred years later, the story of humbug Ebeneezer Scrooge and the magical Christmas eve which shook him out of his stinginess and grumpiness, and allowed him to once again join the human race, has never stopped being retold in movies and television. 449 more words


A Long-Distance Love from the Family

A treasure map of memories, translated…

We’d met our son who lives in California just once every year, like the star-crossed lovers, on the separate ends of the world, that relied on the birds to make a bridge, to allow them to meet up, and, the bird that we relied on was the Giant 747, it’d taken us across the Pacific Ocean, brought us to our son, every lunar New Year. 895 more words


On Love Letters (and Other Forms of Communication): You've Got Mail & Lizzie Bennet Diaries

As I mentioned at the end of my post last week, I am writing love letters to strangers as part of the 12 Days of Letter Writing for… 2,356 more words