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Black Vine Weevil Larvae Crawling Deep Underground

Black vine weevil larvae overwinter in the soil. In the spring, the flightless adults emerge and feed at night on the outer edges of leaves, causing the leaves to have a notched margin. 114 more words


Disillusionment and Differences in Interpretations

Over the weekend I was assigned to read a piece on a young lady who is depressed that she got homecoming queen. She wanted to make her parents happy by winning and her parents were happy to support her along the process. 325 more words


Disney loses 'John Carter' rights: What's next for the franchise?

John Carter was not the hit Disney hoped for at the box office. The studio reportedly lost $200 million on the film, expecting it to launch a blockbuster franchise but instead delivering a Taylor Kitsch-fronted flop. 590 more words


A Variety of Beaver Lodge Designs

Beavers are hard at work refurbishing their mud and stick lodges in preparation for the coming winter, when their movements will be restricted and they will spend both days and nights inside their lodge. 175 more words



Ahhhhhhhchoooooooooooooo!!! My B-A-D…translated…

And still, in the autumn equinox

The love and hate had left, and, my sorrows are about to be in labor, giving birth, to the attention-deficit hyperactive words… 229 more words

State Of Mind

The Master Of The World

When I was a little boy, the home video cassette (remember those?) market was in the terminal stages of burying one format, and outlets did a booming trade in renting the other. 1,545 more words


Character Adaptations

I’m loving Gotham. I’ve not read any online opinions anywhere, and I don’t want to because I know someone somewhere hates it, but I love it. 735 more words