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Eastern Red-backed Salamander Eggs Hatching

If you make a habit of looking under (and carefully replacing) rotting logs lying on the forest floor, sooner or later you will be rewarded with the discovery of an eastern red-backed salamander. 178 more words


Books to Film Done Right

Words: Chelsea Haith
Images: Sourced

Tim Robbins has just crawled through about a ton of human waste to escape Shawshank Prison, where he was unfairly imprisoned for the murders of his wife and her lover years before. 962 more words

Books & Film


For it’s day, Metropolis must have been seen with amazement. Shoot, any movie back then was pretty amazing but when you add the fantastical themes and settings of… 609 more words


Seth Rogen Is Hiring Directors For 'Preacher' On Twitter

We haven’t heard much about AMC’s upcoming adaptation of Garth Ennis’ southern gothic Preacher, other than Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg being hard at work on the pilot script… 244 more words


Milkweed Tussock Moth Caterpillars Feeding

Female milkweed tussock moths lay their eggs in masses on the underside of milkweed and dogbane leaves, which their larvae will eat. The hatching caterpillars are gray and hairy, but in no time they have developed the tufts of hairs that give them their name and make them resemble little mops. 126 more words


Trout Fishing in Livingston

Trout Fishing in Livingston: A Theatrical Homage to the Writings of Richard Brautigan
adapted & directed by Marc Beaudin
The Caldera Theatre Company, September 2014… 291 more words


Animal Observations

This last week students observed our classroom critters to learn more about biotic and abiotic factors in their habitat, to see their physical characteristics up close, and to look for physical adaptations they may exhibit. 20 more words