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Thought Provoking Material from Adbusters

If you for some reason you ain’t familiar with the magaizine Adbusters, allow me to introduce you to one of the most avant-garde and radical publications of the modern era.  73 more words


Advertising is Brain Damage (?)


I’m on the mailing list for an organisation called Adbusters Media Foundation. Their goal… well, I’m not exactly sure what their goal is. It’s confusing. 1,658 more words


Hashtag Western Society

An interesting quote from Adbusters magazine. It really summed up my mood after leaving the mall, seeing advertisements of supposed perfection, teenagers taking selfies, people attempting to buy happiness and cool. What are your thoughts?

What would Freud think?

“We are currently living through a new epidemic of insanity…one that’s far darker, more vast and troubling than anything the pioneers of psychoanalysis could have imagined.” — …

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Guess What?!

For the few who follow this blog, thank you. For the few who read the posts, thank you. But guess what?! In Adbusters Magazine‘s April issue, The Collectives will be published. 51 more words