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First Things First - A Manifesto

Although aware and supportive of the concept of ethical design, today came my first introduction to the First Things First Manifesto and the Culture Jamming movement.Whilst both are related in that they challenge the status quo in the design world and the trend towards corporate marketing, the First Things First Manifesto called upon designers to make ethical decisions about the work they do to prevent the profession become solely a tool for consumer selling whilst the Culture Jamming Manifesto proposed design as a tool for action and protest against corporate and consumer culture. 296 more words


What is... detournement?

Detournement is a french word that can be loosely translated into re-route or hijack. It’s a concept first developed by the Letterist international in the 50s and then further used by the break-off group, the Situationist international in the subsequent decades. 531 more words


They Live! The Counter-Culture Must-See Holiday Movie

A few months ago some folks at work overheard me talking about how much I love the movie They Live.  Bless their little souls, yesterday they gave me the DVD as a Christmas present.  408 more words

Martial Arts

Dirty dozen most hated corporations - give UKAS your vote!

No accountability, no appeals, but at least you can give UKAS your vote here:




A surprising little gem from Terry Eagleton in Adbusters.

“A jazz group which is improvising obviously differs from a symphony orchestra, since to a large extent each member is free to express herself as she likes.

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