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Greetings 3Dnoob readers! I was working on this dragon head which I started in Blender and imported into ZBrush via an.obj file. Now, As some of you might be aware, normals can often be invisible when not double sided or flipped facing away from the camera view. 108 more words


Swiss Public Holidays from 2014 to 2028 in Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free, open-source, cross-platform e-mail, news, and chat client developed by the Mozilla Foundation that we heavily rely on at WebDevelopmentAid. With its Lightning add-on Thunderbird also offers calendar functionality that you might be used to if you are an avid Microsoft Outlook user. 177 more words


Google previously allowed developers to make add-ons that bring extra functionality to its Google Docs and Sheets web apps, and now Google is bringing the same feature to its Forms app. 209 more words

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I Love That New Computer Smell

…As long as it doesn’t smell like smoke!

So, you’ve just come home with that shiny new desktop or laptop computer (Which, of course, was obsolete the instant you left the store, but I digress.) and you need to get it up and running. 653 more words


Securing yourself from Flash cookies with BetterPrivacy

Note: This post applies primarily to Mozilla Firefox.
This is the last Firefox post for a while, I promise.

Flash LSOs, sometimes called “zombie cookies” can pose a serious privacy risk to you and your computer. 459 more words

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gMath Add-on for Google Docs/Sheets

Something that some people did not like about Google Docs was the lack of an in-depth math equation editor as they were accustomed to in Word.   414 more words

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