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CRM2Emails offers organizations that use Microsoft Dynamics CRM the opportunity to have seamless Email Marketing capabilities. CRM2Emails is designed specifically to work with Constant Contact®, a recognized leader in Email Marketing. 115 more words


CRM Rules 2013

Customizing CRM is expensive and complicated. CRM Rules 2013 Basic Version lets you easily configure dynamic form behavior by simply entering your criteria into the CRM Rules forms. 222 more words


Customizing Firefox

What are Add-ons?

Add-ons or plugins add extra functionality to Firefox. Simply put, they are extra apps that give Firefox some extra bells and whistles to make it yours. 1,198 more words


AvePoint CallAssist

The AvePoint Productivity Suite for Microsoft Dynamics CRM improves user productivity, eases customer interactions, and helps organizations collaborate with confidence while growing revenue and impact. The Productivity Suite includes telephone integration for automated activity logging, search across all Dynamics CRM assets, quick recovery or roll-back of records that were accidentally deleted or modified, and the ability to add tags to all entity records. 115 more words


Property Management

TreCom’s Property Management solution, built on the Microsoft Dyanmics CRM platform, is a foundation for organizations tasked with managing properties including; commercial single and multi-unit complexes, corporate facilities, and other property assets. 63 more words


scribd.com থেকে ইচ্ছেমত পিডিএফ ডাউনলোড করুন mozilla Addons দিয়ে খুব সহজে

আমরা সচরাচর জানি , scribd.com থেকে কোন পিডিএফ ডাউনলোড করতে হলে ,পিডিএফ আপলোড করতে হয় । এভাবে বই পিডিএফ ডাউনলোড করা অনেক ঝামেলার । অনেক সময় নেট এর ধীর গতির কারোনে আপলোড হয় না । অনেক ঝামেলা হয় । তাই অন্য একটা উপায় অনেক দিন ধরেই খুজছিলাম । 18 more words


Currency Conversion at Clicks Enthuses Ecommerce Store Administrators

Kentico site administrators have obvious reason to be happy. For them, providing better service to their customers becomes much easier at the arrival of Currency Converter. 284 more words