Ahhhhh, a night away; date night! Jason and I try to get in at least one Red Sox game a season, and as I sit here in the bleachers, I say to Jason, “do you think that Willy would want to be a bat boy some day?” … 98 more words

The best day in a while

As you know, yesterday was not a good day in our household. There were tears, arguments, and bargaining, and that was just on my end. When I kissed my boy goodnight last night, I told him that “tomorrow was a fresh start, and that it was going to be awesome!” We said our “I love you’s” and I shut the door and collapsed on the couch next to my husband. 394 more words

The Momentum Principle

Many of the things we need to know and learn as writers (and/or publishers), we need to know and learn for life. I often find that something from my personal life applies to this blog because, let’s face it, maturity as people helps us toward maturity as writers. 744 more words

The Writing Life

...this face.

You see this face?

This is the face of total and utter defeat. This is the face of a boy who drove his mother to tears today. 314 more words

Essential Oils for ADHD - Post #4 - Four Possibilities

There are two oils and two supplements that can help with ADHD, but it truly does vary child to child.  It is worth it to experiment with it, because truly one of these can be the missing piece to helping you or your child’s ADHD/ADD.  845 more words

Essential Oils

The park

Today was one of those days that you know you need to get out of the house, but you have no idea what to do with yourself. 623 more words

Essential Oils for ADHD - Post #3

ADHD Duet #2 – Balance & Serenity

These two blends from doTERRA, are not only a favorite combo for myself, but wonderful for the hyperactivity that accompanies ADHD. 723 more words

Essential Oils