Once I was blind, now I can see

I thought I knew my kid. I’m supposed to know my kid better than anyone else. Then why didn’t I see it?

I guess it’s true about what they say. 448 more words

What it's like to have ADHD as an adult



I was writing an article for another site when I came across a lot of “testimonials” about ADD/ADHD…I figured I’d follow suit and write a longer and more descriptive piece about what goes on in my mind. 960 more words


Side effects for everyone

I remember a few years back, I received a frantic phone call at work from my son’s preschool teacher. In her words (not mine), “I’ve never seen anything like this before. 626 more words


I remember when I was pregnant with Willy, and I constantly felt like I had to validate every emotion that I ever had with my husband and friends, because I was ridiculously hormonal. 463 more words

Another new perspective

Hi friends. I’m so excited to be back from a two week hiatus. As I take a step back and really examine my perspective on the world in which we live in, I’ve decided to add two new tags to this blog: “mental health” and “mental illness.” Both in which I’ve gotten to know on a first name basis lately. 564 more words

A False Sense of Achievement

Wouldn’t it be great if I had completed 3 transcriptions today?

In a way, I did. I completed one full interview this morning after procrastinating and eating breakfast while watching an episode of the X-Files. 296 more words


The Countdown Has Begun!

I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned what a wonderful and supportive partner I have.

Last night I knew I had to finish transcribing an interview, and I almost gave up! 237 more words