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January 28th

i am going to go
i am beautiful
are you going to do that the whole time
it is fun
to control her… 1,508 more words


Use as prescribed

It’s 2:03 AM. You just laid down after a long day of conditioning, classes, practice, and homework. You’re completely exhausted, but the time for sleep, sweet sleep, has finally come! 552 more words


A Little, Blue Pill

What is ADHD to me?

ADHD is a blessing yet also a curse. It has good and bad. And ADHD is different for everyone. I can only allude to some of the traits, I can’t explain what it is for someone who isn’t like me. 594 more words


You Do You, I'll Do Me

Everyone doubts me. I think everyone has this strong misconception that I don’t care about my grades, how I do in school, my extracurriculars, or my future. 414 more words


dubbed unforgiven

that dumb pill….

I’d like to thank Prozac for ruining any decision making from here on out…

I will never see myself the same way again. 743 more words


ADHD explained for the non-medical person

Have you ever heard someone say “that child does not have ADHD, he just has bad parents” or “that person does not have ADHD, they are just unorganized”. 652 more words

Learn Something New

Meth a Big Concern for Drug Investigators; Seizures Up 478%

A warning, especially for parents, about drug use and the particular drug that’s creating a rising number of methamphetamine users.

The Brown County Drug Task Force released 2014 totals and statistics to Action Two News Wednesday. 465 more words