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Conclusion to "10 tendencies"

** This was the largest and most detailed series I’ve ever attempted outside of work. (I’ve done some technical writing, IF you can’t tell.) Mostly I do the scale of what I call the “letter-writing” amount. 389 more words


WARNING: Graphic Drug Use

The small excerpt below is taken from the story of my addiction. I must warn readers to its graphic and very detailed nature. It is a small piece of my true story; my relentless addiction to heroin and other drugs. 1,245 more words


That Time I Dated a Sex Addict. I Think.

It was kind of like Shame, but minus three inches.

During my first summer as a college graduate, you could say that I got bored. 1,596 more words

7 Deadly Sins On Facebook

These are the 7 deadly sins that you should never ever do on Facebook. If you are guilty of any of this sins, delete your Facebook now! 534 more words

Coretan Bebas

Ants don't ask my gender.

Indifferent muddling puddles of skies gaping sorrow.
You said you wouldn’t leave but you can’t promise tomorrow.
So I borrowed a piece of the leaves branches scattered colored lies. 176 more words

carry on

You have two and I have one.
You have all yet I have none.
Seems like fun for all who see.
But lonely is what it is to me. 184 more words

dead bird.

Everything seems to be spiraling down.
Black holes.
Bottoms deeper.
Floors like bed sheets where I lay my weary head.
I feel so scared. 92 more words