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Brief update

Didn’t mean to be so depressing last night. I was just trying to state my pressure, my feeling that I’m reverting to past habits, and tell how it feels. 47 more words


My name is Becca and I'm a book buying addict.

So, as is pretty obvious due to my lack of posting, I have gone off reading and writing about reading.  That’s not the problem though.  The problem is that I can’t seem to stop buying books, so now I have a TBR pile that is about 3x my height (I’m 5’3) and no motivation to actually pick up any of those books.   296 more words

Book Blog

Elegant Phoenix

Amazing show by designer Lee Yates. Congrats on your first fashion show.

Sophisticated and sleek designs ! Garments I definitely see myself wearing.

Not to mention red is one of my fav colors! 17 more words


Rob Ford - A Great Lesson in the Treatment of Mental Health

As you know,  if you read my posts, I am a huge advocate for mental health support. The stigma surrounding mental health is often negative due to lack of education or is blase and mental health is shrugged off. 327 more words


Next Time

My skin is expelling months of sin and my brain is swelling around the lack of sanity and my body shakes like an earthquake but all I want is sleep and there are sounds all around from sirens and screaming and evil overtakes my eyes as I glance upon the ground for something, anything when a white angel flutters up to me from below so I hastily tear into it and the answer is there right in my hands, the answer to make or break or fight or flight or whatever other cliche applies to this particular situation. 111 more words

Creative Writing

Confessions of a Sugar Addict: UPDATE

I confess – things have not been going to plan these past few weeks in terms of my diet. I’ll freely admit that I have made no special effort to cut back on my sugar intake, subsequently resulting in a 3.5kg weight gain (all eyes on you, Krispy Kreme). 127 more words


My past haunting me tonight

Tonight, I’m on the web and memories of my past keep coming forth in my mind. I’m looking at a few personal concerns and the memory of fulfilling my lust before such a computer keeps bubbling up and enticing me. 183 more words