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400 mg (addict.)

scientists say
the body can safely handle
400 mg of caffeine a day

and since restful sleep is so
far away
I guess I’ll have to fill my quota once again tomorrow. 37 more words


Dia (Him)

Saya menduga saya tidak akan bertemu dengannya lagi. Mengira-ngira bahwa dia sudah usai keperjakaannya dan menikahi gadis kota. Tapi, apa kemudian kata Tuhan. Sebuah pesta pernikahan seorang teman mempertemukan saya lagi dengan dia. 1,021 more words



Two posts this weekend, I’m feeling rather giving today.

In order to get to know me, I have to tell you about one of my addictions… 365 more words


Concerts and Sobriety

I’ve now been sober and/or in active recovery now for almost 4 years and going to social events with alcohol still catches my attention.  Could it be because I am a full blown alcoholic, living with bipolar and a generalized anxiety disorder… Who knows. 444 more words

Self Help

Once upon a time in Europe...

…or should I say in the “bad old days”, way back then in 1550. Here are some interesting facts:

Most people got married in June because they took their yearly bath in May and were still smelling pretty good by June. 850 more words



addictions cause problems,  then make you believe that the problems can be solved by feeding the addiction


Failing Terribly

My trying to break free from the world of social media hasn’t been going very well. Not even 48hrs after deleting my Instagram account that I started to really miss it. 852 more words