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The "It's Not Quite Monday" Obsession Part Something

So I know that a lot of people have been obsessed with 2048 the game but that the fad is slowly dying out. However someone recently created this “make your own” version of the game where you can number or name the tiles anything you’d like. 96 more words

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Okay, so Crayon Pop aka Slayon Pop aka The Divine 5 have made a comeback with their hit single “UH-EE!” this past week, and world peace is now a reality! 327 more words


Up in the air

Free write

Today’s supposed to be a free write, but I am getting pretty distracted. Heh, actually, if you see most of the free writes in my journal, you’d think admitting this fact is a pre-requisite to getting started. 320 more words

Free Write

Are We Crushing Candy or Crushing Cash?

Oh my goodness… What is up with all of these mobile games? What are they, digital drugs? First there’s Flappy Bird, about a little… 941 more words

Pop Culture

What made Flappy Bird so addicting?

By Haylee LaBell

“Flap, flap, ding, ding, flap, pow!”

That’s the sound that avid Flappy Bird gamers heard on the daily. The addictive and recently discontinued smartphone application was a huge trend among gamers. 534 more words


A winning team. This is fun!

The picture tonight is our IM Softball team walking off Nickerson Field with another win on this season. Winning is a ton of fun. Winning a competition, proving that you’re good enough to do something is a great feeling. 187 more words

I don’t do drugs. I am drugs.

-Salvador Dali