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Too busy. Book slump equals sadness

Ahhh. I have been so busy I haven’t posted in forever. I feel like a terrible person.

I’m almost at 100 books read for the year and it seems I’ve hit a slump! 251 more words


Chapter 11 Summary: "A Cooler Self"

In this chapter it talks about Marshall McLuhan and how technology has take in over our lives many people gets crazy without technology right beside them there are a lot of chaos involved. 252 more words

My Newest Addiction

When I was a kid, I always ate everything on my plate one thing at a time. I wasn’t one of those kids who threw a fit if my peas touched my potatoes, but I always ate all my peas and then all my potatoes. 1,118 more words

Stories & Stuff


I read this novel in three days. Let’s just say that it is deliciously intriguing, mind-blowingly addicting, and sincerely one of the best stories I have ever read.


The Unexplainable Phenomena of 2048

Name: 2048

Category: Games

Price: Free (In-app purchase to remove ads)

Developer: Ketchapp (Gabrielle Cirulli)

Platform: iOS 4.3, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Pros: Fun, Fun, Challenging, and more Fun! 551 more words

The "It's Not Quite Monday" Obsession Part Something

So I know that a lot of people have been obsessed with 2048 the game but that the fad is slowly dying out. However someone recently created this “make your own” version of the game where you can number or name the tiles anything you’d like. 96 more words

Random Stuffs


Okay, so Crayon Pop aka Slayon Pop aka The Divine 5 have made a comeback with their hit single “UH-EE!” this past week, and world peace is now a reality! 327 more words