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The Drama Triangle

Recovery from addiction requires more than simply giving up “X”. The most significant changes come from learning why we ever needed “X” in the first place and then rethinking how we operate. 950 more words


Holiday Recipes for Relapse & Recovery (Revised)

Holiday Recipes for Relapse & Recovery (Revised) – A recent article I wrote for my work blog that reminds us all how to stay focused and connected throughout the holiday season.


Keeping It Real

It is mating season here in southern Alberta, and this morning I watched a large buck chase a doe down a boulevard in my neighbourhood. The doe stopped suddenly and turned to face her suitor, hopping side to side flirtatiously before dodging towards an elementary schoolyard. 729 more words


Who (Else) Is Reading UnPickled?

Do you wonder who else is reading recovery blogs besides yourself? Question if you are unique among the group or normal as anything? Curious what their worries and concerns are? 923 more words


Doing New Things

I wake up in a different city.  The smells and noises are unfamiliar.  The bed feels awkward.  I did something completely out of the ordinary today.  256 more words


Staying Sober during Holidays, still a challenge.

So much to be thankful for, however fist rigorous honesty. The mix cocktail of winter, the holidays and working late nights, literally leaves the taste of my addiction on the tip of my tongue. 344 more words


"I've got to get out":Part II-Addiction and being lonely

On April 11th, I wrote the Corporate Bartender a goodbye note because I knew that if the “Beautiful Man” was going to be around-that I could not be and I didn’t want my visceral reaction to seeing them together to ruin our friendship. 551 more words