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12-18-14 Selfish in Sobriety

I received a call last week from the wife of a person who asked me to sponsor him a few weeks ago. We never started working together however apparently my number was given to her as he walked out the house in a drunken rage. 220 more words


Hunger, revisited

I eat, am not full
and eat more, to emptiness –
wrong stomach, wrong food
© Crystal Chan

One Determined Day At A Time

I plucked the pieces of forbidden fruit
and bit into them, ravished by their taste -
devouring the memories my mind
had shielded me from for far too long. 310 more words


If it sounds too good to be true, it mostly is...

I was skeptical about e-cigarettes and vaporizers right from the start. I smoked the old-fashioned, unhealthy cigarettes for 35 years, so just the idea of a modern looking, slim electronic device as a replacement for my… 798 more words

Stop Smoking

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A very worrying trend...

Goodbye my ovaries

So I finally went to see my new skin specialist after having to switch due to the move north to live with Sir.
It’s taken a month or so waiting for my appointment and my skin has in that time erupted , cleared and then erupted yet again due to worry and anxiety over Sir getting sick. 328 more words


Merry Xmas

Happy faces telling me how they and their families open presents, what in particular they love about xmas and wishing me a happy xmas. This leads me to begin thinking about xmas where i live. 479 more words


Laguna Beach Recovery Center Has Programs That Will End Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse is among the big problems of most people today. Although many try to quit consuming alcoholic drinks excessively, it can be hard to resist when drinking has become a habit. 345 more words