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A Poem of Pain

Writing is God’s gift to me. It has proven to be a tool through which I have found meaning. Wielding words, I have processed pain and calmed chaos within. 176 more words


Sundays are the hardest.

I sat in church today and looked around seeing numerous smiling faces. I saw my friends and their happy families. These times are the toughest. Not having him there with me anymore, I’m sure people are wondering where he is. 211 more words


Willy Wonka and Lasting Happiness

One of my favorite books and movies of all time is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I particularly love the way that the story depicts the children who visit the chocolate factory for the tour, with four of the five children suffering from glaring personality flaws. 653 more words


Why I Stayed

Making the decision of whether or not to stay in a marriage is a painful one for

partners of sexual addicts. Friends and family may have strong feelings and quick… 254 more words


Taking That First Step - Acknowledging Your Addiction

You may have heard of the proverb, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

This is very true when it comes to recovering from addiction. 350 more words

Hope For Recovery

Facing the problem.

Addiction takes away everything. Not just from the addict, but from loved ones too. It destroys. Addiction is a thief. A thief of joy, love, trust, life. 264 more words


How our story began....

June 12, 2012, the happiest day of my life happened. I was marrying my absolute best friend. My soul mate. The love of my entire life. 128 more words