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Enjoying The Club Scene Without Ecstasy, XTC, And Other Hallucinogens

Today too many kids are clubbing. It’s not the clubbing that’s the problem. Lots of good fun can be had while enjoying dancing and socializing. The problem is that many kids are using hallucinogens, such as ecstasy, XTC, and X while they are clubbing. 255 more words


Life is hard but hoarding is worse.

I keep everything. I kid you not, I threw out the skirt I wore to MY 6TH GRADE FORMAL this week. It’s a poodle skirt. Why on God’s green earth would I keep a poodle skirt? 1,013 more words


The Struggle Is Real: Dare I Desire?

Growing up, I never heard anyone discuss a Christian woman’s desires about sex. They talked about women wanting to be loved and treasured, but never about Christian women actually wanting sex. 660 more words

Fearlessly Fulfilled

What I want to tell any teen that's struggling with depression

(Image courtesy of Pavel Voinov, from Unsplash.)

Nobody had that childhood you think you want. The stable marriage with a caring, flawless dad and a selflessly doting mother. 590 more words


Heading Towards Relapse in Recovery?

When you are in recovery, the word, relapse, can be scary.

This could be relapse towards addiction or mental health issues.

In the last two months, I decided to slowly taper off my antidepressants that I have been on for a few years. 346 more words


Happy Easter

I’m pleased to announce that a few battles have been won this Easter weekend.

This time last year was around the time I was at my worst. 144 more words


Sticky Friend

She opened the drawer, and I fell drooling into the pit of covetousness.

My father had driven us somewhere–maybe to Washington, D.C. The woman was, I think, a distant aunt. 676 more words