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Twenty three years and counting

When I first had to stop drinking and using drugs 23 years ago I was well aware that even though I knew that I was looking at certain death if I carried on a large part of me didn’t want to stop. 1,197 more words

Mental Health

Ever Read Your Spam?

Dude, y’all ever read your Spam?  Here’s one of mine:

“hermes horseshoe bag “

YES!  I absolutely agree. HA!


People are still asking why meth users lie

It continues to surprise me that there are some terms that people search for all the time. One of them is “Why do people on meth lie?”. 313 more words


My business/busyness

My freelance work is crazy right now!

What initially sounded like a weekend freelance job has turned into a full blown ten day assignment!

Busyness is cool in that way. 505 more words

One more step, always further

There is always one more step
Always a further,
Could’ve done more, could’ve done better
A close, but not quite enough and a probably should have… 355 more words


Justin: Keen Minds, Kind Hearts

Day 8 of Justin’s Recovery. This is a long video, but it’s full of Justin’s true heart. He talks about the need to conquer fear, numbing, and let himself feel and express emotion. 40 more words