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24 August 2014

“HI, Dennis, I got a joke for you,” said Chuck. ┬áThere was this blind guy with a seeing-eye dog who would go to all the Maple Leaf hockey games. 545 more words


Because I am free.

“WTF is going on?”

“My life is going to shit;
and I’m going down with it.”

I am in the midst of a mental breakdown. I wish I could so eloquently put down the circumstances leading up to my exigency. 517 more words



sadness is only a mental obstacle to happier things
sadness is a disease we mesmerise ourselves in

Sadness is…


Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention

Mindfulness helps in understanding the cues and triggers of the individual and helps in disruption the automatic reward pathways of the addict. This helps in relapse prevention. 158 more words

Skittles Rainbow Cake! How to make a Skittles Cake - Cupcake Addiction & Cupcakes & Cardio!

Subscribe Here: http://bit.ly/MyCupcakeAddiction Skittles flavoured cake, Skittles frosting and Skittles decoration – SO MUCH SKITTLES! Today I teamed up wit…
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I fell off the wagon again, but that’s not the point.

Do you know what it’s like, to struggle with addiction? It’s not easy. It’s so easy as someone on the outside to point fingers, to say that addiction is not really addiction, that it’s not a disease – that the problem drunks like me have is not the drinking itself but a weakness of character. 385 more words


Mental health professionals - time to dispose of some

Over the course of the past year or so I have spent my time going to one appointment after another, one assessment after another with a constant stream of ‘professionals’ having a view on my life, my mental health and what I need to do. 2,794 more words

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