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Damn dog coming again... can't LET GO

What used to be me…. was that I was passionate about everything that I did. In some ways I wanted to prove that I was not a loser. 619 more words


Love addiction

After our first date, I find myself fantasying about you for hours.  I like you, I might even feel like I love you.  I could even start to plan our wedding, the names of our children and the types of dogs we will own.  372 more words


one, depth, and notes from robert smith

i listen to and read a lot of articles primarily concerning athletes, and the way Robert Smith (formerly of tOSU/Vikings) describes it seems to articulate my thoughts better than I could have. 1,310 more words


Empathy and Addiction

As I continue to explore my life, my personality and my emotions I uncover areas that require further thought or that are especially relevant to my addiction and recovery. 936 more words


Use as prescribed

It’s 2:03 AM. You just laid down after a long day of conditioning, classes, practice, and homework. You’re completely exhausted, but the time for sleep, sweet sleep, has finally come! 552 more words


My addiction... of the pinterest sort.

Steps up to podium

Umm…. Hi. My name is Tanee, I’m a 24 year old beauty student, and I am addicted to Pinterest

Yes… this is sadly my life now.

283 more words

Wellbriety Column: Addiction and Relationships

Hello again! I hope these blogs are helping you to understand more about the DISEASE of ADDICTION. It took me years of study to truly understand it, so I empathize with those of you who have loved ones suffering with their demons. 285 more words