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I relapsed. I’m at that weird phase in addiction whereby I’m questioning whether I’m actually addicted or not. To be honest, I think I am. Stopping is another issue and I am thankful for this space in which to document this horrible journey. 38 more words

On Alcoholic Denial

The greater our honesty, the more life is worth

Alcohol has never been de-throned in my family. Throughout his life, my father clung persistently to the conviction that alcohol opened a portal to happiness. 1,139 more words


Reaching Out

When I first started therapy to help me overcome my addiction to meth, along with a multitude of other issues (never agree to pick me up at the airport unless you have a semi to hold all my baggage), I was told to call a friend or family member when I had the urge to use and maybe that would help until the urge subsided. 186 more words

Caretakers ( yes,with a capitol "C" )

My body aches as if I’ve been carrying and moving the weight of everything I own for the last two days.  I have not moved, technically speaking but I suppose in essence I have.   970 more words

My Story of Addictions and Recovery

by Kevin Tape, Firefighter
Quincy (Massachusetts) Fire Department

Hello, my name s Kevin Tape. I was born (1970) and raised in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. 1,431 more words


B.O.D.Y (#18)

HAIR – Soonsiki – Bambi @ N 21
BODYSUIT – Beauty is Pain – Transparent Bodysuit @ Black Dot Project
SHOES – IAF – Patent Heels @ … 16 more words

The Things People Say

My sweetheart and I were in a restaurant this weekend on our (isn’t this so cute?) Sunday night dinner date. I was eating my food, had recently checked in with myself to find out if I was feeling full, which I wasn’t yet, but was aware that given my level of impending satiation, I would probably be done before I had finished the portion on the plate. 899 more words

How To Do It