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my child, once again

my child came crawling back to me

once again

on his knees

begging for love

compassion and understanding

once again


Working Out

I’m addicted to exercise. 

I guess there are worse things you could be addicted to: drugs, alcohol, money. 

But, there are some days where I’m too tired to push my body, justify my way in to not getting out of bed (be kind to yourself my head shouts), and then I am grumpy and guilty for the rest of the day for not having got up, for being lazy, for being weak. 120 more words

Ketamine Is Something You Should Get Off Of

When you have an addiction to ketamine, there is hope out there. You’re just going to have to learn what to do so that you can get some help. 285 more words


where are you, my child

walking dark tunnels of my memories

wiping cobwebs and dirt from my hair

when last in these halls i was searching

my self – but i wasnt t here


You are the protagonist of your own story. Write a good one.

I’m glad so many of you liked my post about drinking again.  What seems to have resonated the most is the alcoholic thinking that happens before the first glass, all those justifications that roil in our heads constantly.   778 more words

The Village Idiot

I’m still sober.  I don’t want to talk about it.  

Ok, yes I do – why else would I be here?  As a matter of fact, all I’ve been doing in my head for the past 2 days is talk about it.   449 more words


You're Revealed. By Chocolate!

Everyone loves chocolate! Or should I say all humans love chocolate! And if you don’t, you’re probably an alien who might want to sit down and have a long think about who you really are… 437 more words