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Compassionate Touch Blog Part 2 / When Physical Touch is Unwelcome

While most people have a positive neurochemical response to compassionate touch, some people have had their normal response damaged. If touch is associated with abuse the brain may become trained to release stress hormones when the person is touched in any way. 657 more words

Mental Health

December 18, 2014

There’s a lot of sweets around the house and workplace these days. Good luck!


Gambling and addiction

73% of the British population (35.5 million) gamble annually. This amount is roughly £3.50 per week, 80p more than the cost of fruit (The Guardian, 2007). 373 more words

Is Comparing Yourself to Others Always a Bad Thing?

Let me answer the question my title poses:  I don’t think so.

I learned early on in my recovery two similar phrases that have served me well: 972 more words


Assumo magnesio.

Nell’estenuante guerra alle emozioni, ad un certo punto, ho semplicemente stabilito che non assumevo abbastanza magnesio.

Bando alle profonde disperazioni, all’umore instabile, alla delusione e al rancore, bando alla stanchezza ed alla sensazione di non farcela, bando alle reazioni esagerate (secondo chi?), bando anche alla ruga della perplessità, quella lì, verticale tra le sopracciglia, coltivata in anni di “ma che cazzo è ‘sta roba?!”. 95 more words


Trying to moderate the beta blockers

New challenge. Since doing my admin still does not ‘work’ I might as well do something that I think/thought I am good at: quitting. First time in my life I will try to do this by moderation. 374 more words


One Determined Day At A Time

I plucked the pieces of forbidden fruit
and bit into them, ravished by their taste -
devouring the memories my mind
had shielded me from for far too long. 310 more words