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Night Fears

Lying in bed and all I can think about is that I’m going to die. I’m high, of course. And maybe I’m high for the same reason. 115 more words

11 months teetotal and counting - success or failure?

So I am currently 11 months in, and whilst I have a number of fun, ‘drinker profiles’ to add, before I conduct character assassinations of others, for karma reasons, I thought it might be an idea to conduct a brief assassination of myself first! 853 more words

Control Goes Both Ways

This post may be controversial in the sense of the contributions families have on substance abuse, eating disorders, and addictions in general… or not.   Professionals understand that parents, in particular, did not solely alone cause maladaptive behaviors such as, in this case, an eating disorder.  394 more words

Social Work


So, here’s my first attempt at a one sentence story.


I will read anything, even the comments on a fat-shaming article on Yahoo.

This is Why

I have caught myself thinking about alcohol a lot today.  Each time I go “no, no, no.  no more.  you have a problem.  you are done.  384 more words

Art Therapy.

Following my post from Sunday night, due to two accidental med misses, I have crashed.

I was so grateful to have a session with Jan today. 556 more words

Looking Up

These last few weeks have been so awesome. My husband has been out of state because his grandmother passed away. That part isn’t so awesome; I’ve missed him a lot. 369 more words

12 Step