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Tomodachi Life - Game Review DS

Tomodachi Life is a really random but extremely fun game, there is no storyline or end to the game and not really any goals either. The cool thing about is that you can use Miis you’ve created and you start off with a Mii (Miis are like little people you create on Nintendo consoles) who is your look-a-like which is the first Mii you would have created your ds or Wii. 178 more words

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A few things Today

1) I was able to acquire a screwdriver small enough to keep dismantling my 3DS. As I was doing this, one of the ribbons decided it would be a good idea to snap. 279 more words


The Six Things We All Need

Why are you addicted? The six human needs answer that question, I’ve been fascinated by them since I watched this video:

How To Make A Behaviour Addictive – Ted Talk… 535 more words

Capri Sun is AWESOME

Okay, why in the hell did I give up drinking Capri Sun back when I was six?

Did I not understand how awesome Capri Sun tastes? 23 more words


First Hike

I went hiking for the first time today and it was fun!  If you want to push your limits then take a hike (literally) and take some water with you. 349 more words

Mayah King

HI-CHEW is taking over the Planet

Starburst better look out.  HI-CHEW is on a mission it seems.

HI-CHEW is from Japan and has been around for a while but I notice that it is poppin up all over the place now. 72 more words

Taste Test

Why mobile games are addictive

On this post I will revel why so many people play mobile games all the time, but first I need to explain dopamine, dopamine is released when you are happy or exited. 65 more words