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I Quit Smoking

Though it was hard, but I finally managed to quit smoking. I’ve quitted not only smoking, but also taking any nicotine inside. Here’s my story, that helped me to win the battle against the Nicotine.  746 more words



Ok, these are seriously my new favorite sour candy.   They are NOT extremely sour.  They are instantly sour/tart and then get sweet.    They have a great chewy texture-  softer and easier to chew than most “gummie” candies.   84 more words

Taste Test

No coffee after all these weeks mean I don’t have an addictive personality.

El verdadero meaning of some children's movies

Hola Readers!

Adivinen que?????? I just saw The Lorax…. YES A KIDS MOVIE! No need to judge! Alguna vez te has puesto a analizar una pelicula para niños? 130 more words



O.  M.  G. are these awesome.  I am like a baby, with my baggie of cheerios with me at all times in my backsack lately. 81 more words



Hello, i know i only very recently posted, but i’m a bit annoyed about the whole weed thing if you know what i mean? First of all, why isn’t it legal? 607 more words

DOUGH Pizzeria Dallas

Have heard about this place for awhile now, so when I passed by it one day, I looped back for a to-go order.

DOUGH is a pretty swanky pizzeria.   256 more words

Taste Test