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15 Reasons Why Newly Sober Addicts Are Totally Useless

  1. Our bodies don’t know how to convert food to fuel- We’ve been running on substances for so long we don’t know how to get energy from actual food.
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In Love with a Meth-head: 8 Things I Learned After Leaving Him

The meth-head that I loved was my boyfriend for over a year. He was also an alcoholic, pill-popping, drug-dealing, criminal turned-police informant, but the meth is what started it all. 1,270 more words

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Striving to Fill the Emotional Void

I don’t like the labels ‘alcoholic’ and ‘addict’. They don’t resonate with me or my experiences, and more than that, I think they are derogatory, loaded with negative connotations, and have the potential to prevent a person from fulfilling his or her true potential in life once the addiction to a particular substance has been overcome. 636 more words

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One lovely blog award nomination...

Oh my Goodness another award nomination; I am thrilled and thank Silver Threading for thinking about me. She has an amazing blog with beautiful pictures and I always look forward to reading her posts. 651 more words