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leaving my phone downstairs.

It wasn’t in any way purposeful, and the act itself certainly didn’t happen overnight.

At first, boundaries came naturally: I refused to check e-mail on my cell phone altogether, and I trucked the trusty ol’ alarm clock from move to move, gathering extension cords, if necessary, to help the digital reach its ultimate destination on my nightstand or plush against the carpet floor. 364 more words

Memoir Class

WordPress informs me that three people have been checking this page daily despite my two-month hiatus.  Maybe it’s actually three robots. In any case, I am touched by the creepy persistence… 1,365 more words

The Mythical Beast of Perfection

Perfection:  The state of being without flaws, leaving no room for improvement.

Our small house gets under my skin.  I have had to resort to cleaning one section of the family room at a time in order to vacuum, as I can never get all the toys and projects put away.   540 more words

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