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Consult Northampton Home Improvement Experts About Adding a Sunroom

Sunrooms are essentially living rooms located along the sides of a home, rather than at the center, to let as much of the outdoors in. As such, sunrooms offer both aesthetic and functional benefits. 95 more words

Week 11 - 30th October

Concrete foundations in for the patio lower level, the well incorporated into the patio wall (covered with pallet right now)


Wall/corner pillar blockwork for extension going up



Week 10 - 28th October

Well, well, well, well, well, well, well……………….

…… on the wettest day so far – we discover a well – yes really!

It’s about 30′ deep, the wood plinth with the hole in, probably was a guide for a pipe down to the bottom, which linked to the lead pipe which enters just above the plinth (and is probably the same pipe that was discovered closer to the house a couple of weeks ago when digging the foundations for the extension… 177 more words


Don't Subtract, Add!

I find it so hard to stick with eliminating things from my diet.  I personally have to limit myself so much as it is due to allergies, that I hate taking away any more than I have to.  299 more words


Week 9 - 25th October

First level of patio going up

Floor to extension goes in……


Alex’s study area plaster boarded and electrics

Top floor stairwell plaster boarded… 

Wires and sockets everywhere now…. 38 more words


Week 9 - 23rd October

Floor level blockwork for the extension


Electrics and plasterboard in Alex’s bedroom…

Ditto – Max’s bedroom…


কিভাবে আপনি জান্নাত লাভ করবেন?

কীভাবে আপনি জান্নাত লাভ করবেন সকল প্রশংসা আল্লাহর, যিনি জান্নাতের ওয়াদা করেছেন এবং জাহান্নামের ব্যাপারে সতর্ক করেছেন….. সুতরাং যে ব্যক্তি জাহান্নামের আগুন থেকে মুক্ত হলো এবং জান্নাতে প্রবেশ করলো সে মহা সফলতা অর্জন করলো…। আবারো ঐ আল্লাহ পাকের প্রশংসা যিনি আমাদেরকে জান্নাতের পথে আহবান করছেন। আল্লাহ সুবহানাহু বলেন: ﴿ ﻭَﭐﻟﻠَّﻪُ ﻳَﺪۡﻋُﻮٓﺍْ ﺇِﻟَﻰ ﭐﻟۡﺠَﻨَّﺔِ ককﻭَﭐﻟۡﻤَﻐۡﻔِﺮَﺓِ ﺑِﺈِﺫۡﻧِﻪِۦۖ﴾ ‏[ ﺍﻟﺒﻘﺮﺓ : ﻣﻦ ﺍﻵﻳﺔ 221‏] .

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