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Why the Power Shortage in Ghana?

Background and description of existing facilities. There have been three major power system planning studies in Ghana beginning in 1971 when we carried out what was known as the “Ghana Power Study: Engineering and Economic Evaluation of Alternative Means of Meeting VRA Electricity Demands to 1985”. 337 more words



A satellite picture of Africa at night, compared to other continents is distressing. Bright
lights are few and far between. 1,747 more words

A Quick Guide to Adding Star Power to your Charity Online Auctions

Beyond a doubt, having celebrities around can make or break an event. Their mere presence can generate interest and attention. Organizers of online auctions are well aware of this, and strive to include celebrity memorabilia in their lineup. 116 more words

Adding Exercise Into Your Planned Travel Activities For Kids

This is also a great way to exercise and improve their agility, coordination, and their reflexes. Following carrying out intervals on a piece of cardio equipment, hop on a treadmill (or elliptical) and go at a fast walking pace for 20-30 minutes. 996 more words

Adding , Subtracting, and Multiplying Decimals, Oh My!

What are some things that come to mind when you hear the word decimal? Hard, easy, exhausting, frustrating? I used to think decimals were my worst enemy but now, I think easy. 274 more words


From Drab To Fab: Adding Colour To Your Wedding Ceremony

Ben Q. Photography
Flip your unique day from drab to fab with these entertaining and easy ideas for incorporating shade to your wedding. Color is a basic way to include character and show off your personality. 20 more words


After re-reading my current sources on the topic of elephant poaching for ivory, it is clear to me that Daniel Stiles from the New Scientist largely uses extending in his information about the current status of the elephants. 247 more words

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