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Kaminaljuyu Archaeological Park

LOCATION: Kaminaljuyu Archaeological Park, Guatemala City, Guatemala
YEAR: 2014

Kaminaljuyu is a Pre-Columbian site of the Maya civilization that was primarily occupied from 1500 BC to AD 1200. 57 more words


a rough start, a tough finish

Please believe me when I say I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart for not posting earlier. I have been busy, and I hope to express that this will not be a typical tardiness of my blog. 254 more words


Mathematical Operations in the Biblical Text - part 1

The Bible is true. It is the inspired Word of God. The mathematics used in this historical and literary work must then also be part of a consistent, correct, true system. 1,176 more words

Biblical Contexts

Halloween Fun in Math

As Halloween is just around the corner we have started several Halloween math centers with topics that we’ve been learning throughout the past few weeks.  We’ve worked on number recognition with an “I See” Halloween Book.   170 more words


Use lettered mugs to spell the word "love" and fill with flowers for an easy and inexpensive addition to your decor.

Photo: Use lettered mugs to spell the word "love" and fill with flowers for an easy and inexpensive addition to your decor.
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A Tale of Two Chairs

In lecture we have started our descent into the wonderful world of 3D design and we kicked it off talking about shape and volume, and what these mean in terms of production processes. 281 more words


६४) राजकारणाचे गणित :

६४) राजकारणाचे गणित :
राजकारण  म्हणजे राजकारण  असते,
प्रत्येकाचे सेमच असते.

राजकारण  म्हणजे एक गणित असते.
पेपरातील गणितापेक्षा कठीण असते .

राजकारण म्हणजे एक गणित असते,
गुणाकार, भागाकार, बेरीज आणि वजाबाकी शिवाय काही नसते.

पण गणितातील वरील मुलभूत सिद्धांत माहित असतील,
तर मात्र राजकारण करणे  सोपे जाते

प्रश्न असा आहे कि कशाची बेरीज – वजाबाकी करायची,
कशाने  कशाला गुणायचे आणि कशाने कशाला भागायाचे,
हे मात्र राजकारणात मोठेच  कोडे असते .

ज्याला हे कोडे सुटले, समजा त्याचे राजकारणाचे गणित लगेच सुटले .
आठवून बघा अभ्यासातील संकल्पना, त्याचा व्यापक अर्थ शोधा,
आणि आपले राजकारण  मजेत करा.

सुधीर वैद्य

Section IV- My Poems