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Tricks on subtraction of two rational numbers

Tricks on subtraction of two rational numbers

1. Subtracting a rational number is equal to adding the opposite number.


 -4-(-3) is equal to -4 + (+3): +3 is the opposite number of -3. 79 more words

better addition

something the house needed

and how it all caused for the better

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Mini lesson Reflection

I spent a lot of time thinking about my mini lessons. There are several concepts in math I feel very anxious about teaching, due to the fact I am not sure how to explain them to another person. 460 more words


Crochet Humor

For some reason I recently seemed to find crochet humor online. I decided to share some of it with my readers. I suspect you will identify with at least one of the things below. 21 more words


Humor me, please.

I have a riddle for you all, and a lot of my personal thoughts and research to back it.

If you have ever had surgery, you know that you are prescribed two to four weeks of pain medication to help ease the pain. 762 more words


15 Ways to Learn with Play Food

So you’ve got a little kitchen set for your kiddo.  Here are some ways to learn with all that plastic food (you know, instead of just tripping over it)…. 250 more words


Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet (240)

Mind over matter-

Yes, it makes a difference, what you add to that batter.