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First and Ten

I was scrolling through Facebook last night, procrastinating going to bed, when I was reminded that this is a good opportunity to talk about math and football. 128 more words


Newest Member of the Family

Here it is folks! The moment you’ve been waiting for.

Sea foam green. Three cushions. Compact.

I give you… the couch:

I should have taken a picture of her old couch before we got rid of it but you’ll just have to trust me that it was past its prime. 192 more words


The Distributive Law, again !

The formal statement of the distributive law should read as follows:

If a, b, c and d are numbers, or algebraic expressions (same thing really) and b = c + d then ab = ac + ad… 28 more words


804 Rockland :: Renovation + Addition

Old house meets modern renovation.  Clean lines and efficient systems helped pull this disregarded dwelling into comfort.


Maths - Addition

Here are some great games to help with our adding!! It is important we can add 1 digit numbers in our head. Let’s see what your best score is!! 22 more words

Regrouping Numbers: Why You Need to Re-Learn Addition and Subtraction

One of the most interesting ideas I have come across in researching middle school mathematics educational techniques is the notion of “regrouping” numbers. Basically, it’s taking a number’s value and looking at that value from a different perspective. 768 more words


Reinhardt University: A Change is Coming

Three candidates are currently vying to be university president at Reinhardt University.  As the different candidates showcase their capabilities and desire to become a part of the Reinhardt community, the students are asked to share their opinions.   106 more words