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Write a programme : Ask user to enter value print their (Addition) ( C ++ )

Source Code begins from here :

// C++ programme

// following programme will ask user to enter value



void main()


Project Ideas from the Game Room Addition to Burbank’s Story Tavern

A recreation room can add a lot of value to any home or establishment, especially if it is designed with the utmost care for detail. In Burbank, California, that is what one local tavern did their best to accomplish, and the results are no less than fantastic. 67 more words

Tricks on subtraction of two rational numbers

Tricks on subtraction of two rational numbers

1. Subtracting a rational number is equal to adding the opposite number.


 -4-(-3) is equal to -4 + (+3): +3 is the opposite number of -3. 79 more words

better addition

something the house needed

and how it all caused for the better

see the faces and how it all


and what it wants

and where it is at… 50 more words


Day 263: SO. About that side project...

…that has been keeping me from staying up on my blog posting.

Yup, that side project has been me making a human! Hooray! I’m still working on it. 50 more words

365 Day Project

Mini lesson Reflection

I spent a lot of time thinking about my mini lessons. There are several concepts in math I feel very anxious about teaching, due to the fact I am not sure how to explain them to another person. 460 more words


Crochet Humor

For some reason I recently seemed to find crochet humor online. I decided to share some of it with my readers. I suspect you will identify with at least one of the things below. 21 more words