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Z Nation Sisters of Mercy (Recap and Review)

Z Nation Sisters of Mercy (Recap and Review)

After all that Mack and Addy have gone through together, Z Nation piled on the pressure for these two love birds in Sisters of Mercy. 53 more words


Forever Caroline!

Caroline is still our newest historical character (I don’t count Samantha’s re-release).  We met her in the fall of 2012, the bicentennial year of the War of 1812.  79 more words


I shared with you the girl of the year 2015 but who exsactly are the Beforever dolls?

These are the current historical characters. The beforever girls. 234 more words

American Girl

In Which the Narrator is Introduced (Kind of...)

On November 8, 2014, I gave birth to what will be my last child. A daughter. Another daughter. Another strong, beautiful, slightly orange daughter.

Though we’ve since made the decision that two is our limit, ours was by no means a planned family; we took a “not trying but not not trying” (also known as “trying”) approach both times I got pregnant. 397 more words


Too late to say I love you-Joey Pecoraro

Took a nap at 6 pmish and woke up at 2 am to start doing some work and threw on my soul/late night playlist.  Luckily I got the good vibes from Joey Pecoraro.   56 more words

First Snow!

It was a little late coming this year, but yesterday the temperature took a quick dip, adn t his morning we woke up to a very light dusting of snow on the ground. 25 more words

Christmas Time Begins

We’re early Christmas decorators. This used to bug me, but I’ve accepted it now, and even come to enjoy it.

This is our first Christmas in the new house, so Britt had a good time figuring out where all our existing decorations should go (and informed me that we don’t have nearly enough now that we have more space). 36 more words