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Album Review:'Aretha Franklin Sings The Great Diva Classics'

CedricCed|October 21 2014

Music in today’s age misses the mark on musicality longevity essential for the classic song.Of course, Aretha Franklin has to include the classics such as… 418 more words

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ADELE Chasing Pavements Chords GITAR [Cm]

ADELE Chasing Pavements Chords GITAR

Cm   G7

Verse 1:
       Cm                    Gm  
I’ve made up my mind, don’t need to think it over,

         Fm                        G7
If I’m wrong I am right, don’t need to look no further,

            Fm   Gm             Eb     Gm  
This ain’t lust, I know this is love. 353 more words

Crazy For You Chords [G]

Crazy For You Chords [G]

G                          Em
found myself today singin' out loud your name
    C                    D      C          G
you said i'm crazy, if i am i'm crazy for you
G                             Em                             C
sometimes sittin' in the dark wishin' you were here turns me crazy
         D                C        G
but it's you who makes me loose my head

    G                         Em    
and everytime i'm meant to be acting sensible
    C                              D      C         G
you drift into my head and turn me into a crumblin' fool

Em                                   C                   
tell me to run and i'll race, if you want me to stop i'll freeze
               G                                Em
and if you and me are gonna leave, just hold me closer baby

and make me 

C D       G
crazy for you, 
C D       G
crazy for you

G                               Em    
lately with this state i'm in i can't help myself but spin
  D                     C                D         G
i wish you'd come over, send me spinnin' closer to you
G                            Em
my oh my how my blood boils, a sweet taste for you
D                               C       D        G
strips me down bare and gets me into my favorite mood

G                                Em
i keep on tryin', fightin' these feelings away
        C              D         C    G
but the more i do, the crazier i turn into

Em                C             G
pacin' floors and openin' doors hopin' you'll walk through
and save me boy

because i'm tooooooo 

C D       G
crazy for you, 
C D       G
crazy for you

Adele - One and only chord gitar [C]

Adele – One and only chord gitar [C]

Intro: F, Fsus4, F, C, Cadd9*, C

Verse 1:

F, Fsus4, F
You’ve been on my mind, 173 more words


So the time that Beyonce partied with Adele in London...

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i'd go black and blue

i saw it in her eyes then… the thing i couldn’t parse in the hours before… the thing i couldn’t quite grasp in the overnight we had just shared… the unfamiliar feeling that wound around the disconnects we experienced in the day preceding. 272 more words

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