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4/4/14 Morning Musing - I Love You...You're So Adequate!

A couple of years back, Stan and I were having a serious conversation about how we felt about how we were doing in different areas of life. 706 more words


Do You Have an Adequate Small Business Payroll Solution?

A Stress-Free Small Business Payroll Solution Does Exist Designing the right payroll solution for your business could take days’ worth of profit-earning time. It pays to hire the job out. 141 more words

Marketing your personal digital item

Everyday that goes by you can guess that any significant website proprietor is asking yourself how to get far more site visitors to their internet site. 269 more words

a organization may well make a decision to discontinue

It isn’t hard to established up a very good site and commence and affiliate advertising and marketing profession. It is not difficult at all to uncover affiliate marketing possibilities on the internet. 244 more words

the income earnings and the expense of merchandise

Making a profit in a enterprise is derived from many various places. It can get a little challenging since just as in our individual life, enterprise is operate on credit rating as nicely. 263 more words

Today I need....

…a private victory.  i am feeling somewhat inadequate.  

What shall i do?  What would make me feel a little more — worthy.


“ Another Thought ” ~ said be lost ~

I’m aware

Of a thought,

On the way

Said be lost,

A dark day

In ones mind,

Gone astray

Afore it did bind,

To thence root… 20 more words

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