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15 Ways To Know Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Is Perfectly Adequate

1. You only have to scold them for rudely focusing on their phone at dinner once or twice before they wise up and put it away. 408 more words

So I started my new job as a sales rep in an office. I have my own cubicle and everything!!! The transition from waitress to office setting has been pretty different! 846 more words



It would be over-dramatic to say that I feel inadequate. What it actually boils down to is feeling just adequate. Just fine at most things, just smart enough to get by. 167 more words


Step 3: Now We Eat!

Breathing air and drinking water will only sustain us for so long.

We are not ethereal cloud beings. We need  to eat. The food we eat provides first of all energy to keep us alive, and energy to let us work and play. 414 more words


Step 2: After breathing we go drinking

Water is the driving force of all nature ~~  Leonardo da Vinci

There is more to say about breathing and breath and air. For now what I have written is adequate.

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Start Your Life: Just Breathe

In the beginning was the word – and the word was adequate.

So how does one move from the path of seeking perfection to becoming adequate? 256 more words


I Adequate

I Adequate. Say it with me. Come on you can do it: “I Adequate!”

Life is a struggle at times. We are each parents, children, lovers, professionals, athletes, artists, thinkers, dreamers and so much more. 350 more words