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H is for Hearth Culture

If I had to pick, I would say I operate in a Vanic-influenced Anglo-Saxon hearth. My rituals draw on Anglo-Saxon symbolism most strongly, but I work primarily with the Vanir/Wanes – the gods and goddesses of the land and fertility, using their Anglo-Saxon names where they are attested (So (usually) Ing Frea and Freo, but also Njord and Nerthus and Frau Holda. 399 more words


NYC Churches That Meet In Schools Will Be Able to Continue Meeting Through Easter, Passover

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) attorneys filed a petition with the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit Wednesday to overturn a 2–1 ruling by a three-judge panel that could widely affect New York City churches. 273 more words


Adjusting to Life

It’s no secret I am ex army. Therefore it stands to reason that a lot of my mates are ex army. The Australian Defense Force (ADF) is a big family. 1,050 more words

Hellenic Full Moons

It has become one of my monthly practices that I participate in a Hellenic Full moon ritual. Each month some of us gather at the house of one of the members to honor a deity of the month. 316 more words

The Virtue of Not Knowing

I’ve been sitting with my lack of knowledge a lot lately, inspired in part by conversations with Rev. William Ashton, ADF’s newest ordained priest (and someone I’m coming to call a friend, which is pretty neat). 604 more words


Pardon my absence...it will happen again I assure you.

There have been some changes in our house in terms of family members and work schedules. I’ve had a difficult time these past few weeks finding time for personal rituals. 192 more words


Supporting Austin Film Meet on the first Monday's of the month

Come rain or shine a dedicated loyal  group of Austin’s indie filmmakers, actors, screenwriters, animators and more  come together to promote their events,  work, new projects and talents.  168 more words