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Pro-life family wins case to avoid paying Obamacare surcharge on health insurance

Great news from Life News.


A pro-life leader and his family who lost their health plan due to Obamacare filed suit in federal court this year.

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Our Work: Who said that an ADF Application wouldn't look nice? Check this out!

NoticiasD – A news reader ADF Application with custom skinning emulating what is now known as Linkedin Pulse. This POC Application was born with only one goal; show that ADF Applications can look as nice as any other web application you might have seen. 76 more words


E-7A Wedgetail - Body work

A sick day meant no traveling out to game tonight, but that did let me get a bit of progress on the Wedgetail. First up I removed all the bits I didn’t want on there: wingtips, landing gear and print. 650 more words


The Festival Series: American Dance Festival (1948-Present)

Last week we talked about the Bennington School of Dance. Today we’re talking about the American Dance Festival, a festival that has a history of… 436 more words

NC Dance Festival

Samhain, Part II

A little over a week after the fact, my coat no longer smells like I hung it over a campfire, but it’s a close thing- the smell is pervasive. 522 more words

early group struggles and finding self confidence

A few years ago I started an ADF study and discussion group. We were just three ADF members getting together in a coffee shop. Membership and attendance remained small, but we kept on meeting, taking a small break in the winter for bad weather. 900 more words