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Creating Structure

I have during my years of teaching Learners with Barriers to Learning come to the following conclusion (please this is not scientifically proven this is purely my observation and experience).  376 more words



My name is Lauren and I am the proud Mother to a very active, intelligent, often cantankerous five year old boy named Lucas.  Lucas loves all things trains and will work on complex track systems for hours on end.   833 more words


Dickie Gimp Panther and Other Ramblings

My kitten, Dickie Gimp Panther, is so cute on his three legs.  My former neighbors tried to kill him but were unsuccessful. They only succeeded in making him a gimp.   329 more words

We Want You to Know 1: ADHD is More Than You Think

Apparently I promised to started posting the responses I got to this post today… But guys, it’s Halloween! All I want to do is get dressed up and play with fake blood even though it’s midday and I’m not going anywhere for hours. 989 more words

795 Days

My hands tremble again as I try to open a prescription. More Valium.
It’s the same as it always happens—the complete fear, the loose-jointed-hanging by a thread over a large hole. 665 more words

Mental Illness

FAQ Friday: Why won't you just do it for me?

When I meet clients for the first time, they often peer hopefully at my organizing bag.  They’re hoping to see the tip of my magic wand, which means they’re hoping I’m there to magically fix everything. 262 more words

FAQ Friday

Round and Round the Carousel of Hell.

I’ve been a lot more anxious recently. So much so that my psych has temporarily increased my meds dosage to help me get by and sleep at night. 635 more words