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Wallcovering Removal - In Great Grandma's Day

Decades before peelable papers and steamers came on the scene, persons used their cumbersome steel steam irons to remove wallpapers. My great grandmother once described the process something like this. 585 more words


Highly Stable Isocyanate Dispersions


 Number/Link: WO2014/053269   (German)

Applicant/Assignee: Evonik

Publication date: 10-04-2014

Gist”: A uretdion-containing isocyanate prepolymer is reacted with a neutralized aminealkylsulfonic acid to produce a novel hydrophilic (latent) isocyanate which can be used in stable aqueous dispersions. 98 more words


Design For Dis-Assembly

Design for dis-assembly is a process used for creating products that can be easily taken apart. Below is an image of a kettle design that was given to us in the lecture. 458 more words

Principles Of Eco-Design

What is Peel Adhesion?

Peel adhesion is another term you will find on just about every data sheet for an adhesive product. This piece of data is crucial in understanding how ‘sticky’ or how well the adhesive bonds to a given substrate. 188 more words


NEW Thermally Conductive Adhesive: 3M 8904 - Half the Price and 2x the Conductivity

WESTMINSTER, Maryland, April 2, 2014 – 3M Electronics Markets Materials Division (EMMD) has released a new product designed specifically for the electronics industry, 3M 8904 Thermally Conductive Adhesive Tape… 326 more words


Bonding Tape won’t stop Bonding EVERYTHING.

It all started right after midnight and has continued throughout the day today. A phenomenon never before seen by the engineers at Strouse. At first our night shift press operators thought a roll of bonding adhesive had fallen off the shelves. 287 more words