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When Rapists Are Bengali, When Rape Is A State Weapon For Ethnic Cleansing

“Our struggle for self-determination and autonomy, meaning the struggle since 80′s decade, rape has been used by Bengali military and civilian men / administration / state as a weapon.


Adivasi Girl | Street Style Shillong

A 13 year old adivasi girl. Lives with her sister. From Baksa district, Assam.

Photographed in Laitumkhrah, Shillong.


Tandra Chakma: Justice for Sabita and some related issues

Justice for Sabita and some related issues
By Tandra Chakma. Translated by Tibra Ali for AlalODulal.org

According to UN Women 25th of February is “Orange Day.” Every year this day is observed around the world as part of the campaign calling for end of violence against women.


Killing Of Adivasis India The Silent War

While the world is focused on the killing  elsewhere, Killing of the Tamils in Sri Lanka,Syria, the plight of the Adivasis go unnoticed.

Adivasis, the oldest inhabitants of India number 80 millions, roughly 8% of Indian Population. 1,005 more words


Unique Boat Racing competition at Dimbhe dam

On the Sunday, 23rd of Feb 2014, the fishermen from the adivasi communities at the Dimbhe dam near Manchar rowed their boats into the dam not to get their routine catch but to compete in the unique boat racing competition they organize each year. 335 more words