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Adjective prefixes - making opposites


Here is the link to the prezi – http://prezi.com/tag1idotism2/adjective-prefixes-making-opposites/#

Choose two adjectives for each prefix and use them in your own sentences.



lacking wings/pinions

Vultures enjoy circling above hippos and singing “Come Fly With Me” to taunt their apterous Serengeti-mates.


Editing Tip #52

Tightening the Belt on Your Prose, Pt.3 ~

What does it mean to balance intent? Well, I suppose you could call it clarifying purpose… 571 more words


Teaching Adjectives and Adverbs

When students are ready to give more detail in their communication, they need to know how to use adjectives and adverbs.  Langan and Goldstein (2011) give some great information about these in their book… 114 more words


September 20, 20-

Feel adrift now that pool is closed until end of month. (Note word ‘adrift’ and wonder if writers’ choice of words are, in actual fact, subconscious preferences). 484 more words


To pronounce the S or to leave it silent

The s is silent:


the s is pronounced as a z:


the s is soft:

months (you are not alone if you forget to add the S at the end. 9 more words