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adjectives and adjective compounds (A1-B1)

In this lesson, you will get an idea about the mechanisms to built new adjectives in German. You may widen your vocabulary and it is easlier for you to remember the new vocabulary once you know the mechanisms and the single compounds. 192 more words

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expressing unrestrained emotion or gratitude

The effusive safari group thanked the game wardens over and over for saving them from the rampaging, trampling hippos.


Pause before you place that comma

Just because you have two or more adjectives before a noun doesn’t necessarily mean you need to place a comma between each one. This is one of my biggest pet peeves as a copyeditor, right up there with hyphens attaching a -ly adjective to another adjective (ex. 381 more words



angry or annoyed enough to have a stroke

What many people don’t realize is that Huberta the Wandering Hippo left her watering hole and wandered for 1,000 miles because she felt apoplectic near her ex-husband and wanted to get as far away from him as possible.


Lesson 13: Position of adjectives

In English, adjective always goes before noun. In Vietnamese, adjective goes after the noun it supports meaning. In fact, the reason Vietnamese grammar is so easy is because everything is in order and no conjugation. 144 more words


Video Analysis 1

Video 1 – 3rd Grade: Teaching Adjectives

I enjoyed watching and analyzing this video of a 3rd grade classroom learning about adjectives. Throughout the video I took notes on the different areas we have covered in our reading including: setting objectives, questions, providing feedback, reinforcing effort, providing recognition, cooperative learning, cues, advanced organizers, non-linguistic representations, summarizing, and note taking. 508 more words

"I'm bored" vs. "I'm boring" (verbs + ed/ing as adjectives)

We can add -ed and -ing endings to certain verbs to make them into adjectives.

bore: bored… boring            interest: interested… interesting            amaze: amazed… amazing          excite: excited… exciting          annoy: annoyed… annoying… 182 more words