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Flavouring Food Descriptions

I don’t mind the odd adjective – until they’re applied to food.

I don’t know what bothers me about ‘juicy’ steaks or ‘crispy’ bacon’, but terms like these really crisp my noodle. 270 more words

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5 MORE TIPS FOR INDIE WRITERS: Perfecting Your Craft

  1. Avoid adverbs and adjectives whenever possible. For example, rather than saying, He walked slowly say, He strolled or He dragged his feet. Using exactly the right word brings clarity and moves the story along more quickly.
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NG24 #New Player                                                       

  • listen
  • read the transcript
  • click on the words that are underlined

For another listening exercise from ELLLO News Centre click… 13 more words

One Lesson From Spanish to Make Your Writing Reader-Friendly

I’ve observed one basic difference between the Spanish and English languages: The languages handle the order of their nouns and adjectives differently. And this one difference can be pivotal in writing effectively for an audience. 357 more words


Cute video, good for remembering adjectives

This is a goofy, not at all serious video by buzzfeed showing anime expressions. What I like about it is that before each expression it shows the adjective describing the expression written in either Hiragana or Katakana (whichever is usually used for that word.) You can use this to check your vocabulary and quick reading skills. 39 more words

Learning Japanese

on poetry...

“Poets are always in search of the right word, the adjective that is inevitable, / Because an ill-chosen adjective induces levity in the reader, and no poet wishes to be levitable.”
Ogden Nash
(August 19, 1902 – May 19, 1971)
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superficial, naive, uninteresting

Many critics thought that that Ernest Heminghippo’s newest book was dry and jejune, but he didn’t let the negative press get to him.

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