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S is for Smell

I almost never bother including scent descriptions in my work. As I’m sure you know, scent is the sense with the strongest tie to memory. When we can imagine how a place might smell, it really draws us in as readers. 154 more words


Set your grammar straight with our new lessons!

We get so many requests for new topics to cover, and grammar is almost always at the top of learners’ lists. That’s why we decided to expand upon our… 247 more words


Mad Lib # 1 Results

I didn’t get any responses for the Mad Lib from readers so I’ll be using my own words.

5 Adjectives:

  1. crazy
  2. little
  3. fancy
  4. gloomy
  5. happy…
  6. 78 more words

you wouldn’t have to put your thoughts
into ink and paper, dear.
for poetry isn’t those rhymes and adjectives,
it is something felt by the heart… 18 more words

Mad Lib Day: # 1

Hello Readers

Today is Mad Lib Day.

Let’s have some fun! I’m requesting the following from you in the comments:




adj. having little or no money.

Synonyms: penniless, poor, needy, destitute, impoverished.