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Lição 9 - Prepositions of place and formation of adjectives

I. Let’s see some prepositions of place in the figure bellow.

em/dentro de – in/within

em/en cima de – on/on top of

atrás de – behind… 177 more words

Portuguese 101

It's all in my name!

Here are 13 reasons why you should hire me, which are already a part of my name:

You should hire me because I am

H… 12 more words

Why You Should Hire Me

What do you think......

What do you think the men in the picture below are doing?

Write a short on conversation between the two men. Don’t forget your punctuation and speech marks

What my friends say about me from A-Z

I asked my friends to describe me using adjectives from A to Z, and here is what they said…awesome, authentic, adventurous

beautiful,  bright, brave… 65 more words


Angry, a passion hot and burning
Beautiful, always a damsel yearning

Callous, the ungodly wicked act
Doting, such a kind of love can so much impart… 157 more words


A-Z of Beautiful Adjectives:

Aqueous - Of or containing water.

Bibulous – Excessively fond of drinking alcohol.

Cerulean - Deep blue in colour like a clear sky.

Debonair – Confident, stylish, and charming. 179 more words

English Can Be Fun

Summer poetry

This week we wrote some magnificent summer poetry.  We used our words to create beautiful imagery inspired by our senses.  Our focus was on using adjectives and expanding our vocabulary.  49 more words

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