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ADJECTIVES: wellisch, 5-6

CMOS 5.66 Adjectives defined
An adjective is a word that modifies a noun or pronoun; it is often called a “describing word.” An adjective tells you what sort, how many, how large or small, whose, and so on.

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Lição 9 - Prepositions of place and formation of adjectives

I. Let’s see some prepositions of place in the figure bellow.

em/dentro de – in/within

em/en cima de – on/on top of

atrás de – behind… 179 more words

Portuguese 101

It's all in my name!

Here are 13 reasons why you should hire me, which are already a part of my name:

You should hire me because I am

H… 12 more words

Why You Should Hire Me

What do you think......

What do you think the men in the picture below are doing?

Write a short on conversation between the two men. Don’t forget your punctuation and speech marks

What my friends say about me from A-Z

I asked my friends to describe me using adjectives from A to Z, and here is what they said…awesome, authentic, adventurous

beautiful,  bright, brave… 65 more words


Angry, a passion hot and burning
Beautiful, always a damsel yearning

Callous, the ungodly wicked act
Doting, such a kind of love can so much impart… 157 more words


A-Z of Beautiful Adjectives:

Aqueous - Of or containing water.

Bibulous – Excessively fond of drinking alcohol.

Cerulean - Deep blue in colour like a clear sky.

Debonair – Confident, stylish, and charming. 179 more words

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