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Awesome Adjective: Thankful

Meaning: To be happy to have someone or something in your life, often used with “for” or “that.”


I’m thankful for my great English teacher.

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Word Of The Day: Impracticable

Today’s word of the day is impracticable.
It is an adjective that means not capable or being carried out or put into practice.
Synonyms of it are unfeasible and unworkable. 89 more words

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100 Words To Help Describe Your Dream Feelings

Your feelings are the most important part about your dream.

How you feel in your dream is directly related to how you feel in real life about the events or situation that the dream is pointing to. 149 more words

Decoding Your Dreams

100 Words To Help Describe Your Dream Characters

In order to find out what part of you a dream character represents you have to describe their personality.

Sometimes the word is right on the tip of our tongue, but we can’t seem to express just how we feel about that person. 147 more words

Decoding Your Dreams

Lesson 6!

This lesson was intense but it was the kind of lesson that when I final got around to looking at the clock we only had 20 minutes left! 626 more words


L1B 11/17/14 to 11/21/14

Mon Nov 17 2014 Jenney Unit 2 Lesson 8

In Class

  • NEW Seats for Term 2
  • ORGANIZE your binder.

At Home

Latin 1B Assignments

Modifying the Unfocused

Blurred. Unclear. Muted. Ghost-like. Foggy. Hazy. Dim. Smudged. Murky. Indistinct. Confused. Unknowable. Suspect. Alien. Doubtful. Untrustworthy. Secretive. Matted. Blended. Dreamy. Tranquil. Calm. Serene. Peaceful. Still. 70 more words