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unstoppable, impossible to persuade

The safari tourists fled their camp in terror, but the inexorable charge of rampaging hippos quickly overtook them.


Putting adjectives in order

I’m in two minds about this post about adjectives. While it is interesting to analyse the language, some times it can get confusing. This could be one of those times where attempts to follow the “rules” might be inhibiting. 16 more words

Grammar & Usage

Prepositions and Adverbs

This is a continuation of the Foundations series, Building Blocks.  The lessons introduces some common adverbs and prepositions.  There will be more on Prepositions and Adverbs soon but I wanted to break this lesson into different sections. 37 more words

Isn't it Quaint?!?!

Once a month my girlfriends and I get together for a “venting-food session”. This entails us eating , complaining about things we can’t change, and offering advice in things we can. 693 more words

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Colorful Language

Tell me what you think when you read this sentence.

I stubbed my toe today.

What is my tone? What am I saying? Am I crying (I stubbed my toe and it hurts like hell)? 581 more words


adjective/adverb: (on board, on ship, en route)



adjective: (powerful, sturdy)