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Video Analysis 1

Video 1 – 3rd Grade: Teaching Adjectives

I enjoyed watching and analyzing this video of a 3rd grade classroom learning about adjectives. Throughout the video I took notes on the different areas we have covered in our reading including: setting objectives, questions, providing feedback, reinforcing effort, providing recognition, cooperative learning, cues, advanced organizers, non-linguistic representations, summarizing, and note taking. 508 more words

"I'm bored" vs. "I'm boring" (verbs + ed/ing as adjectives)

We can add -ed and -ing endings to certain verbs to make them into adjectives.

bore: bored… boring            interest: interested… interesting            amaze: amazed… amazing          excite: excited… exciting          annoy: annoyed… annoying… 182 more words


irritatingly persistent

The lawyer was so importunate in questioning the hippo during the trial that he made him cry and confess to trampling the safari group.



pretentiously stylish

The most chichi of all hippos is the Material Hippo herself, Hippodonna.

It's pronounced SHEE-shee.

'A Swim Through The Sea' by Kristin Joy Pratt

A Swim Throguh The Sea by Kristin Joy Pratt is a fun and colorful journey through the alphabet. Written and illustrated when the author was only 16, this creative story follows Seamore the seahorse as he swims through the ocean, while introducing children to sea creatures and the ABC’s. 219 more words


Faculty & Function #2

This is a series detailing daily sights and sounds, through a working exercise to broaden my adjective database. My goal: describe things to you as if you were there, experiencing it yourself.  259 more words

Never Walk Alone

Is it really that wonderful?

What bothers me is our overuse of adjectives today. A person will eat a sandwich and call it amazing. Was it really amazing though? Did it actually amaze him? 77 more words