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Teach Yourself Japanese The Easy Way! Part 6 - Nouns, Adjectives... Not Boring, I Promise!

Whoa, boy have we made some progress! So last time out we tackled verb conjugation for “ru-verbs” as an example of how verb conjugation works. Now we could go on to conjugation of “u-verbs”… but personally I prefer to build a stable ground floor on which to elaborate later… 1,382 more words


Severe Revisited

Severe was last week’s Awesome Adjective. Here are some pictures of severe weather. What kind of severe weather do you see? Write your answers… 33 more words


Blue Suit

Blue suit
Drunk symphony
Black sun
Gorgeous dream
Slow drool
Calm seduction
Right moment
Heightened mood
Anxious hands
Starting sleep
Dragged body
Forced entry
Sudden shock
Destroyed life



Let’s study the adjectives with this interesting lesson plan with exercises.
Enjoy it and have fun.


Cowboys and Rodeo

San Antonio is getting ready for the Livestock and Rodeo Show. It all begins with a Cowboy breakfast on Januar 30th, and the rodeo from February 12-March 1. 343 more words


De encher os olhos

De encher os olhos = Eye-catching

Final Task Spoof Ad

Dear Students,

here is the video we have seen about “el libro”

Steve Job’s use of adjectives

Extract of the Ipad introduction

Don’t forget to fulfill the grid criteria