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A novel TLR2 agonist from Bordetella pertussis is a potent adjuvant that promotes protective immunity with an acellular pertussis vaccine.

Bordetella pertussis causes whooping cough, a severe and often lethal respiratory infection in infants. A recent resurgence of pertussis has been linked with waning or suboptimal immunity induced with acellular pertussis vaccines (Pa) that were introduced to most developed countries in the 1990s because of safety concerns around the use of whole-cell pertussis vaccines (Pw). 185 more words


Product Focus: Magic™ Mouse Adjuvant


  • Highly effective — rapid production of high titers of antibodies. Only 2 immunizations are necessary.
  • Safe — non-toxic adjuvant with no adverse side effects to animals.
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Novel vaccine decreases recurrence in HER2 breast cancer patients.

A new breast cancer vaccine candidate, (GP2), provides further evidence of the potential of immunotherapy in preventing disease recurrence. This is especially the case for high-risk patients when it is combined with a powerful immunotherapy drug. 550 more words