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When did high tech science get grafted into the Vaccine Voodoo?

OK, here’s another conceptual difficulty with generic  Jennerism. When did a country quack’s diabolic corporeal carving and inpasting of putrefied puss stop being the clear and imminent danger to public health and morph into what is now a hi-tec  generated impenetrable fog of mystic screedings, disguising the fact that they are still carrying out exactly the same process? 1,368 more words


Product Focus: Magic™ Mouse Adjuvant

Magic™ Mouse Adjuvant  (Code: CDN-A001-CRD) is a novel immunization adjuvant specifically designed for rapid production of high titers of antibodies in mice. The adjuvant contains immune-stimulatory CpG… 299 more words


ASCO endorses guideline on adjuvant, salvage radiation therapy -- with a caution

On Tuesday, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) gave its backing to a recent guideline on the use of adjuvant and salvage radiotherapy after radical prostatectomy. 264 more words


Redacted Breast Cancer


  • Mammography 2 yearly from age 50-70
  • If 1st degree relative with ca breast <50yrs; mammography may start at age 40
  • Anything higher risk (syndromes, multiple FDR); consider MRI screening and sacrifice of specificity for sensitivity…
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