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Zippy Catholic and the Essence of Nominalism

The essence of nominalism is to not agree with Zippy’s description of a thing’s essence.

Needless to say, I disagree, which in turn makes me (by Zippy’s defintion) a nominalist, with which if I were to yet disagree further, would in turn make me, all the more so (you guessed it) a nominalist. 1,075 more words


100 THOUSAND Views

I have no idea what this means but… This blog just passed 100,000 views. Thank you robots!

As you were!



For those who don’t know, I do have an Ask.fm account. So get on the stick and ask me something. I am, after all, an unliscensed, informally trained, “low cost marriage counselor” with nearly 25 years of experience.


Reactionary Oath Permanent Page Is Up

An improved, expanded version of a reactionary oath is now up as a permanent page of my site. Comments welcome. Keep on Reactin’!


Blogroll Updates

I don’t normally sound the trumpet when I update my blogroll, but I’ve added a few quite worthy links over the past few weeks, many of whom I became aware of on The Twitter. 148 more words