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How to Throw a Great Party without Blowing the Alcohol Budget

I once threw a party with a $20,000 alcohol bill. We were bursting at the seams with 150 guests on the dance floor. Justin Timberlake showed up. 621 more words

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The admins of NSOR have revealed their personal Top 3 Naija rock songs of the year. Whose list do you agree with the most? Tell us in the comment box below. 548 more words

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How to Keep a Conversation Going at Your Next Event

What makes someone an incredible conversationalist?

We all know the type. They breeze into the room and brighten the conversation. They’re confident. They don’t seem like they’ve ever had an awkward moment. 496 more words

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Meet Phyllis Harber-Murphy, CAP-OM, MOS

We love getting the inside scoop. But what we love even more is shining the spotlight on the unsung heroes that work the magic behind the scenes. 774 more words

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Your In-depth Guide to Planning Training Sessions

Most of us will mess up our first training session.

Training sessions are tough. Imagine running out of time when you’re only halfway through your learning objectives. 819 more words

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Party Crashers: How to Plan and Manage the Innocent Ones

Has your reception area ever been turned into a playground with children running between the tables? How about seeing your hors d’oeuvres mysteriously appear in the hands of your vendors? 453 more words

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Subscription And Non Subscription

Hello mods and admins good day, Here I am seeing something different below the chat and above the welcome section of this forums. It says Subscribed – congratulations for that and unsubscribed. 37 more words