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The Proposal

The Proposal looks like a Dream coming True
But that Dream has a Catch, a Mystery Hidden
When You reach Me with that Charming Face of Yours… 81 more words



我从来没有说过爱很轻率 爱很轻松 爱很简单 爱只是快乐 而没有痛苦
能够说的是 如果我选择了 我想尽办法确保我保护我的选择

她说: 其实我不觉得你会放下那个爱了八年的某人
你喜欢的所有人都是你尝试掩饰自己最大疼爱和伤痛的借口 然后都不是爱 只是喜欢
你有没有发现 你的思维 下意识 他们都必须和这个人有一定的联系和比较

这一文字掴脸 其实很辛辣 开车回家的时候 沉重很沉默 我

你的话是一把手术刀 再度剖开了很模糊的自圆其说

Love Issues

{Girl Crush Tuesday} The Hilarious Ms Swan

We have some pretty hard girl crushes. These are the types of ladies that stamp their style on the world. They are the type of people that will always be remembered and little girls grow up wanting to be. 175 more words

This Is Life

Meaghan's Story

This year I got a major eye opener from a girl who just became one of my sisters in my sorority.  She survived stage four cancer and is by far one of the strongest people I have ever met.  791 more words

Don't Just Exist, LIVE


I know
the flower is blooming behind the heart
which I must know…
tried to be on either hand
and If,
with such the contradiction. 36 more words


Allah Be Praised, Not Adored (Idolized)

Praise is for Me that means not it in many words by adoring my name. It is for human beings to admire My creations, enjoying My blessings, and the people said, “Most Great O’ Allah Are Your Creations And Thank You O’ Allah With All Blessings That You Gave Me”. 34 more words


My critics...

“I truly admire those who criticize me for my WRONGS than those who appreciate me for my RIGHTS.   My critics and their input which is vital for my growth.

Zara wisdom.