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The Dirty Thirty Day 16. A note to someone I admire.

Today we have been asked to write a letter to people who we don’t know but we admire. I have written about Māori Marsden, Ralph Hotere and Hone Tuwhare. 114 more words

Misc Ramblings

Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy. Theodore Roosevelt

Admire, don’t compare. I still have to physically STOP and remind myself to do this at times. Why is it that we compare what we have, what we do and who we are with everyone else? 346 more words



昨天夢見自己走了兩次冤枉路 似乎在一個飯店裡頭 走到我的車子..
其實也不知道為什麼 我就一直走到飯店長廊的盡頭
然後發現自己走錯了.. 結果折返 然後走了很長的路
恩..其實我對路形很熟悉 不過就是不知道自己內心煩什麼..

後來 我又離開了 現場 但是去了一個很奇怪的地方..
感覺上很像是龍門石窟… 的步道
結果這個男人的武功高強 而且還很帥…
不過很好笑的是 當全部人起鬨 要他表演…跳飛踢..
結果他脫去上衣 打算表演的時候 卻發現太冷了..

Love Issues

Are you an Admirer of Jesus?

Studies have shown that we all learn and grow from observation, adaptation and teachings. Some of them we have grown to admire very much. It was so during Jesus’ time. 192 more words

Words Of Encouragement

Drowning in the Storm

How I feel about you
Is how I feel about the rain;
Listening to a voice of beauty
That washes away my pain.

How I feel about you… 78 more words

Admire: 2014 Bling Tally

We are one quarter of the year down, so we thought it was time to look at the gorgeous engagement rings thus far, of 2014.  I mean, what woman doesn’t love to ogle diamonds?  227 more words

Christina Logan Design

They came into the room in ones and twos, finishing their conversations as they found where they had to be. As they settled, they looked around and eyes lingered on various things and looks of approval, confusion or downright disregard crossed their faces. 243 more words