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Le Titlè

I always look for you.
As if I’ll see you there with one glance
Among metal and stone and barricades of human.
But maybe something will give rise within me, 37 more words


What am I to you?

Am I your helper that will always stay at your side,

or your secret admirer that you’ll never knew would come, 20 more words


मै ओर मेरी इच्छाए .....

मै  ओर मेरी इच्छाए :

मै  उनके पीछे वो मेरे आंगे
एक बेहद हसीन सपने की तरह उन्हे पाने की चाह मे बस उनके पीछे ही रही


My name is Emily and I am a daughter, sister, friend, student, dreamer, traveler, yogi, admirer of the world, etc. Welcome to what I hope to be a fulfilling manner of posting about my life and my dreams.