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Spreaded Lies

People are living in lies,

Every day hundreds die.

But most don’t have guts to admit,

That they don’t care a bit.

We don’t accept that we are the source, 35 more words


President Rivlin: Time to admit that Israel is a sick society that needs treatment

Source: rt.com

Israeli society is sick with violence – says Israeli President Rivlin.

Israel is suffering from an epidemic of violence that must be treated, the country’s President said. 518 more words


Maintaining My Sanity with God's Help

Sanity is a word we hear often within the walls of our CR ministry. You will discover, if not already, that it is one of the simple items we need to master that continually gets in the way of our pride. 561 more words

12 Step Recovery

OMG You Guys! It's Possible That I'm A Basic Bitch!

I have been reading a lot about basic bitches lately and I’ve even showed my boyfriend a video to let him down easy on the fact that he may well be dating one. 530 more words


Initial Reactions

You know when your friend or parent says something that you really didn’t want to hear, so you respond with something that’s undoubtedly quite rude? Well I’ve been thinking about our initial reaction to things today and how we can over-react at first, simply because what we’ve just heard is so shocking, disappointing or even so amazing that we respond in a way we wouldn’t have if we had the time to think it through and reply shortly afterwards.  513 more words


There choice or not? The debate - Yahoo News Article Thoughts

Lets get real here for a second and drop any filter you may have. I want to talk about death. Yes it’s the one topic that most people would like to avoid but lets face it, we’re all going to go someday. 428 more words

Coffee House Posts

Is it worth to say "happy Diwali" ?

Its DUSSEHRA today……and it will be followed by the festival of lights ……DIWALI.  So here in INDIA, this is the month of huge celebrations. Everyone is busy in the preparations of the festive season. 262 more words

Random Thoughts....from Perceptions