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God's Simple Plan of Salvation - Say with Me: I Admit, I Believe, I Confess. Receive the Free Gift of Salvation

The answer to God’s simple plan of salvation is right in front of us. Salvation is as close as your mouth and heart. It is not a complicated process. 258 more words

‘Truth only means something when it’s hard to admit.’

- Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song

Ukrainian pilot admits shooting at Malaysian Boeing

Wahrheit fuer Deutschland posted on their site a scandalous article in which a pilot of Ukrainian Air Force Su-25 fighter plane tells what happened in the sky over the Donbass in the day of the crash of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. 259 more words


Personal Innuendo Of Real Shit

I’m a woman and I enjoy sex.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying sex, no matter what your gender is. I get annoyed with people feeling ashamed because of their wants and needs when it comes to sexual nature. 252 more words

Ex-IRS employee pleads guilty in fraud conspiracy

KANSAS CITY, Missouri (AP) – A former employee of the Internal Revenue Service in Kansas City pleaded guilty to stealing taxpayers’ identity information to receive fraudulent tax refunds. 93 more words


Embracing the downtime

Honestly, it’s been a long time since I felt so relaxed. I am definitely making the most of funemployment before school starts. I finished my job at the end of June but have been winding down for a while now. 221 more words


Three Reasons To Be Late (2006)


1. Flat tire.

2. Faulty alarm clock.

3. Pure laziness.


Never will we see the season-

When folks admit to the third reason!