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#BlogElul 22: Dare

Dare to be open
Dare to reflect
Dare to explore
Dare to be vulnerable
Dare to admit
Dare to change.

Open to possibilities
Reflect honestly… 120 more words


“ Indifference ” ~ they’ll ne’er admit ~

They’re indifferent

To maladroit

And sad misfits,

They who torment

Though ne’er admit

The malice they inflict,

In a so beguiling way

They’re bothered not a lick,

To exercise their pitiless wit!

My Poetry

Saturday Smiles {13.08.2014}

If you check my blog regularly, you’ll notice that I’ve been noticeably absent this past week. Apologies for that, but I decided I needed a short rest from blogging, as I was still trying to adjust to my school schedule. 101 more words


Venting Gives Problems Power

“Everybody just needs to vent” ~idk.

This is a dangerous statement!

Getting something off my chest may bring some temporary relief… but it will do more harm than good, in the long run, unless I’m venting in an honest attempt to spot, admit & correct my own mistakes. 46 more words

A for Accept

7/09/2014 – 17:08

I admit it. I am addicted to nicotine, caffeine, sugar, junk food, instagram, twitter and Facebook. Im obsessed with new clothes, new make-up, … 708 more words


Women Leads

Two weeks ago, our son started junior high.

Junior high, people. Heaven help us!

And so we’ve been adjusting to this new experience, including the academic step (or two) up. 365 more words


I admit I'm a bitch

I used to be scared to live a boring life. Now I relish like pickles in the potential for repetition of tasks and practice. I look forward to mustering the stamina to maintain the discipline necessary to endure the grind of a consistent schedule. 236 more words