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Christmas Market in Nottingham

21/11/2014 – The Christmas lights will be switched on in Nottingham and the Christmas market finally opens.

Of course I went to see this event and I wanted to take some nice photos of the fireworks and the lights and the market itself. 251 more words


Moving the mouse in a straight line in Photoshop

It’s no secret that ever since the advent of the computer mouse, those of us working with drawing programs such as Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator wanted a way to draw a straight line. 309 more words

Digital Photo Editing

First Composition

Over the last 3 days I walked around my campus and filmed just random scenes and how busy everyone was.

I wanted footage to play around in Adobe After Effects. 67 more words

Animated Text

Since a few sessions we’ve had a look at animated text and the many ways of present it.
Animated text appears everywhere even if we don’t always notice or even appreciate it. 181 more words


Jumping ship for HTML 5 over Flash?

With news this week that Digital Playgrounds, of adult movie making studio fame, has said they will move everything from Flash to HTML5, its starting to sound like everyone is jumping ship, leaving flash for HTML 5. 225 more words


You expect me to swim in that?

I have had so many problems in the past whenever I upgraded Adobe Photoshop. Thus, when Photoshop CC (2014) was released in June, I resisted the temptation to upgrade. 157 more words


Las Golondrinas

Las Golondrinas is a living museum on a 200 acre site a few miles south of Santa Fe. They are having their annual harvest festival this weekend and all the sites and industries, set mostly around the early to mid 19th Century, are operating.  27 more words