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Adobe Audition

Dog Animation Versions 1- 3

Dog Animation Version 3

Dog Animation Version 2

Dog Animation Version 1

Adobe Creative Suite CS6

Editing Audio

Using Adobe Audition to edit several Friday Night Football segments to get a feel of how to link different audio files together.

Interactive Media Productions

Lab Week 1

Lab Week 1 VersionĀ 3

Lab Week 1 Version 2

Adobe Creative Suite CS6

Temperature Check and Random Thoughts

I can’t believe we are almost done with the third week of L7963, everything is moving so fast. I don’t like were I’m at with my Arduino and it’s starting to make me nervous. 300 more words

Day Rain Night Rain

A recording from last Friday afternoon and this Tuesday night, after getting soaked to the bone. A quick mix of the two, jumping back and forth in time. 74 more words