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My Work - Blue Reflection

Here is another image that I altered using Adobe Photoshop, very similar technique to the previous postings:

Related work here:

My Work

1 September 2014. From the Russian Web: Now, Here's a New Meaning for "B & B"


It’s time to smile awhile… “B & B”… what’s that you say? Why, it means “bayan (Russian button accordion) and balalaika”… two of the main ingredients for a good old-timey old-school veseliya. 27 more words


Art with Filters

Art With Filters

Hoje fiz uma pequena obra de arte resolvi virar uma pequena grande artista durante uns minutos e fazer uma pintura com Filtros.  130 more words

Adobe Photoshop

My Work - Photoshop Journey 2: Water

I enjoyed making the Tree Photoshop Journey yesterday. I have decided to make another one, this time involving the creation of a water reflection; so indeed I did make a little fib about doing them every Friday: 218 more words

My Work

Astute Graphic's Vector Scribe Studio

Adobe Illustrator’s pen tool is an extremely powerful tool. It allows you to create perfect shapes by drawing out paths and adjusting Bezier curves. You can also scan drawings, import them into Illustrator, and create perfect lines and shapes with the pen tool. 229 more words

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