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Adobe Sues Forever 21 Over Fame Photoshop Software

Forever 21, who is known for violating the designs of well known designers, like Diane von Fürstenberg, has been accused by Adobe Systems, the behemoth of software products, of software piracy.  320 more words

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Definition: (noun) Hypothetical remedy for all ills or diseases. Synonyms: cure-all, panacea, catholicon Usage: Stay healthy, for science is no closer to a nostrum than alchemy was. Discuss.

Sort-of-stealthy Domo gets ready for its closeup

Looks as if Domo, the business intelligence startup founded by former Omniture CEO Josh James, is getting ready to be more chatty about just what its product does and what it’s been doing with the $250 million it’s raised. 330 more words

How to access Topaz Impression from Lightroom.

A few months ago I started testing some of Topaz Labs products using the 30 day trial offers. I particularly like ‘Impression’ but until recently I had been very frustrated by not being able to access it directly from Lightroom. 303 more words

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