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Neutrogena Saved My Life And Kinda Ruined It Too

Yes, those Neutrogena commercials make it appear to be a graceful, beautiful process of washing your face in the morning.  They make you think a face wash can change your life.   1,206 more words


"Not Guilty"

My husband is a very competent, caring person. While I was away on a recent trip to Israel, he managed to successfully get all four of our children off to camp. 446 more words


Gamer Abbreviations -- "AFK"

Apparently this is something every gamer knows: AFK means Away From Keyboard. And according to my son, that means they have to go #1 or #2. 33 more words


after initial shock


you…still mother warm,
a first gasp for breath,
as her heartbeat whoosh
dims to faintness
in cacophony of sound

you… a first bee sting… 55 more words


Fool (or why I've been feeling like an asshole lately)

I was undertaking a journey by train to the place where my university was, to visit and to get used to the place. After I completed my walk to and back from campus, I sat down at a cafe and my mother was there talking about support. 938 more words

My Self


As you may see from this picture, I am not that much into gardening.
I took this picture today to motivate myself because I thought it would help to keep a record of my work as I go along. 437 more words

Mentoring Responsibility

“One of the reasons I think adolescence is perpetuated is because we don’t let our children bear the weight of responsibility.” - James MacDonald

Young men do not mysteriously become “self-starters”, “go-getters” and “commitment honorers” — in most cases they need to see it modeled, and they need to practice getting up off the video game couch and engaging consistently. 560 more words

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