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Don’t question, only follow.

I was born and raised an orthodox catholic, in a middle class family. Deep rooted in religious customs and beliefs and with an unwavering fear of the almighty passed down through the generations, my parents always tried to instill in me the true Christian way of life. 3,114 more words


"There's This Place Between Asleep and Awake......."

That place is where Kaitlyn always visits me. I know exactly what Marie is talking about.

The wonderful world of reading

Let me tell you something that pretty much everyone knows about me. I love reading. It’s not just a hobby, it’s a passion. I’ve been reading lengthy and thought-provoking books since I pretty much learned to read. 244 more words

Poem: School Days


Well, who doesn’t get nostalgic thinking about the school days? Who doesn’t get nostalgic thinking about the fun we had in our school? That first love, that first prom, that first elocution, those results and all the lectures. 257 more words

Blog For Peace


This is one of my favourite Rebel Parent topics because it’s so easy to change your thinking on this, and your reward will be a child who can flourish into independent thinking. 991 more words

Parenting Differently

Trigger Warning: This content criticizes trigger warnings and may be triggering to people.

One of the classes I’m taking this semester as an elective is Adolescent Psychology. I originally signed up because adolescence (defined in this class as spanning the ages 10 to 24 in the average person) is one my favorite periods during the lifespan. 1,532 more words


A worried, stressful confession

I think I made a mistake with teaching martial arts.

After two months of doing this, I still feel like I’m not connecting well with the students (or some of the staff for that matter). 653 more words