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Lion's Roar

I pay currency to the woman with the lion’s roar
for she told me that she could teach me to do the same.
She says that all little girls have lions in their stomachs… 150 more words


Growing up in Westmead

I thought of myself as being pretty average, I was getting a B+ and A passes in school, did well in athletics and I lost my virginity to one of the boys from school under the bushes not far from home. 1,330 more words

Adult Stories

Growing up 2

Please read part one first.

Now I’d had the real thing and loved it, I wanted more so I took a few of the local boys for a test fuck.  745 more words




By: Courtney Sheinmel



A 13 year old girl with perinatally acquired HIV.


Overall impressions:

This book is about losing a loved one just as much as it is about living with HIV. 1,540 more words



Didn’t Woody Allen say that all literature was a footnote to Faust? Perhaps all adolescence is a dialogue between Faust and Christ. We tremble on the brink of selling that part of ourselves that is real, unique, angry, defiant and whole for the rewards of attainment, achievement, success and the golden prizes of integration and acceptance; but we also in our great creating imagination, rehearse the sacrifice we will make; the pain and terror we will take from others’ shoulders; our penetration into the lives and souls of our fellows; our submission and willingness to be rejected and despised for the sake of truth and love and, in the wilderness, our angry rebuttals of the hypocrisy, deception and compromise of a world which we see to be so false. 

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Growing up

A friend wrote to me this a few years back.

Hi Dianna,we’ve talked a bit about sociology and relationships, so I’ve written some of my story from when I was at school.  1,254 more words

Adult Stories

Quarter Life Crisis

I wanted to share with all of you a phenomenon that I truly believe is starting to happen to people in their early twenties right now, a quarter life crisis. 731 more words