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The End.

Sometimes I would sit there and think, “What’s wrong with you Les?” It seems to me that you fell for a persona he put on for you. 693 more words


“If I play cooking mama, does that make me a master chef? If I play dishonored, does that make me a master thief? If not, then why does playing Call of Duty make me a murderer?”

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An Education

“I don’t get it” she says, pulling thread from her old school skirt

Grey locked nylon pleats, cuffed, asleep.


“I don’t get it” she says, blackboard chalk badly wiped off  252 more words

Bless your soul

There comes a time when your career is a pleasant memory, 

just like high school.

As pleasant as a thriller

The shameful moments remembered with a slight sigh of joy consuming the past… 78 more words

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Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Wes Anderson, as a director, has a tendency to be too quirky for his own good. After two great films with Bottle Rocket and Rushmore, his films became inconsistent. 533 more words


Adolescent Self-Help Shout Outs

Just thought I’d made a tribute page to the books that really helped me in my pre-teens and adolescence. As a pre-teen in the nineties, I really didn’t read much fiction. 499 more words

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Sixteen: Daily Prompt


I can date this almost exactly: Winter 1974, probably February – because I was given the dress for my sixteenth birthday in January*.

‘Sweet sixteen – and never been kissed!’ as the saying goes. 853 more words

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