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According to a Society of Neuroscience study reported on by Science Daily, binge drinking (or, consuming five (for for women) or more drinks in an approximately two hour period) during adolescence may cause structural changes in the brain and may worsen memory into adulthood. 555 more words

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How many times in life have you ever look at the mirror and tell yourself that you’re beautiful? Based on the society nowadays, we are being exposed to these media such as magazines, advertisement that being very skinny is good. 328 more words

Provision of No-Cost, Long-Acting Contraception and Teenage Pregnancy

Provision of No-Cost, Long-Acting Contraception and Teenage Pregnancy
Source: New England Journal of Medicine

We found that pregnancy, birth, and abortion rates were low among teenage girls and women enrolled in a project that removed financial and access barriers to contraception and informed them about the particular efficacy of LARC methods.

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Hey Beginning Teachers, Don't Do This

In a 40 yard dash the Labradude would beat me by at least 20 yards, but stretch it out a few miles and the tide turns. 293 more words


Teens Reluctant To Seek Help For Depression Because Of Social Stigma

By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Depression is a disorder that impacts all age groups and teens are no exception. But there is a big problem: teenagers often fail to seek help from depression because they’re embarrassed about the problem. 103 more words

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Latest School Shooting: What Causes a Teen to Snap?

Article By: Beth Greenfield

We’ve begun to grow immune, to some extent, to the shock of school-shooting stories — at least the sort that involve quiet, disconnected loners bursting w/anger, à la Eric Harris or Adam Lanza. 969 more words


Contraception for adolescents.

Source: Pediatrics. 2014 Oct;134(4):e1244-56.

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Date of publication: October, 2014

Publication type: Policy statement / Journal article

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