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Generation Zombie

Because Google completely failed me recently, I feel inclined to rant.

Here’s what happened:

1. I am a teacher.  I freaking love my job.  It is rewarding as hell and I don’t care that it makes me poor.  1,036 more words


Maybe She Doesn't Hate Me After All?

WOW! Time really flies.  The summer was so busy around here, I totally forgot I was running this blog. But, I have to admit that it’s a good thing. 333 more words


(11) Santa Monica High School

Through out conducting my research I decided to interview three different schools in the Los Angeles County.  One of them being Santa Monica High, which is located in the western area of Los Angeles County where the majority of the people are financially well off. 284 more words

The Number One Way You Influence Your Teen

Have you ever wondered about that visceral reaction we sometimes get from watching sports or our favorite show? Have you ever found yourself reaching for a drink of water immediately after observing someone else do the same? 688 more words

Tumblr Feminism or, How the Internet is Shaping Teen Perceptions of Feminism (Ashley Bernardo)

Feminism, or the “other” f-word. The word tends to dreg up images of bra-burning women, the ascension of women at the expense of men, and man-haters amongst the common population, and the above opinions are an especially common view on the Internet. 1,742 more words