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Hitler at 50: Color Photos From a Despot's Garish Birthday Bash

We do not usually give so much space to the work of men we admire so little. So began a remarkable editor’s note to LIFE’s readers in an April 1970 issue of the magazine, introducing a photographer named… 647 more words

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[caption id="attachment_2483" align="alignnone" width="584"]Hitler longed for his people to be mobile, so created a car for the people, the Volkswagon Hitler longed for his people to be mobile, so created a car for the people, the Volkswagon[/caption] If Hitler were alive today he would be 125 years old. If Germany had succeeded in her fight for self-determination and existence, I believe that not only Hitler but the rest of us could expect to live that long. Amazing advances in medicine by the Third Reich after victory might very well have propelled us along the road to cures for cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, and a host of other ailments that still plague us in this anti-human, Satanic New World Order clusterfreak of a world that the defeat of Hitler has brought us. On another issue, note the not-so-subtle propaganda in the Life article. Hitler is referred to as a despot. Would they call Obama a despot? Of course not. There's also the word "garish" in the headline. There's nothing garish about the pictures of the celebration. What I see is a celebration of honor, duty, and tradition. These are all positive values that Adolf Hitler espoused and lived. Garish? What BS!


Deanna and 30.06 discuss the life of Adolf Hitler. (MP3)


This Day In Music History: Radiohead ends World War II

Apparently, Radiohead ended World War II when Adolf Hitler had a nervous breakdown on his 56th birthday after hearing The King of Limbs for the first time. 72 more words


Sieg Heiligen Geist

The meaning of RamaSpirit is told in Ramagenesis: the collective soul of the white race died in an Indo-European solar eclipse in August 1999, and was reborn nine months later in the greatest planetary alignment since the dawn of the Modern Age over five hundred years ago. 264 more words

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Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun etc

Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun etc

Movie Files MPEG4 Ogg Video Cinepack h.264 1957 statements by Paula Hitler (sister) in support of her brother (HD) 25.2 MB… 800 more words

Adolf Hitler - 125 år

I dag er det 125 år siden Der Führer Adolf Hitler ble født.

Vi håper våre lesere har feiret dagen som vi har gjort. La oss aldri glemme hva han gjorde for oss, hva han kjempet for. 56 more words


Some Thoughts on Hitler

Today is the 125th anniversary of the birth of Adolf Hitler. It happily coincides with the observance of Easter in both the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches this year. 759 more words

Adolf Hitler