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Being The Extra

The only thing I remember about the 1988 movie “Twins” is a line directed at Danny DeVito’s character from the evil scientist who accidentally created him – the unfortunate residue of a genetic experiment: “All the purity and strength went into Julius.  871 more words

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Check out this powerful and moving piece by Jeremy, a.k.a. 주 현. It’s great to see male adoptees, like Jeremy, putting it out there, and it would be even better to see more men step forward. 187 more words



I’m not entirely sure why you had children. Maybe social norms, no different from today,  influenced you to ‘get married, buy a terraced house,  have a family of six that couldn’t fit into the said house and then dress said children in over expensive clothes complete with polished faces and clean nails to radiate class of some vague middle-class variety’.   1,341 more words


Other Adult Adoptees Here?

I was adopted “at birth” (a few weeks after birth, although it was set up months in advance I guess). I m just wondering if there are other adult adoptees on the forum and what their experience might have been. 59 more words

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This piece could have been written by a 17 year old Korean adoptee. We need to keep in mind that the experiences of individuals from first and second generation immigrant families mirror that of international and domestic adoptees. 203 more words