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#69 "I need a hug"

Recently, I was in a group of adults who were dealing with adoption issues, and one adoptee in his 30’s dejectedly  said, “All I want is to be is normal.  424 more words

Adoptive Parenting

#68 - Bringing home a new baby

I spoke with a grandmother the other day who had a new five day old adopted grandson and she was delirious with joy.  Her daughter and son-in-law brought their… 370 more words

Adoptive Parenting

The Beginning

I have decided to write this blog as a kind of journal, a place to put down all the things that I have been thinking about and how they interconnect. 406 more words

I Am Adopted and I Refuse to be Defined that Way

I would like to state that I am adopted. Yes, this well put together individual is a product of adoption in the United States. It’s an important area of discussion and understanding yet left to the wayside since adopted children are a relatively small number, yet growing. 1,914 more words