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"K" is for KANSAS, Precious KANSAS

This is my ode to all who live in Kansas, specifically El Dorado and Leavenworth.

Whether you know it or not, you’ve played a part in my being here today. 413 more words

Shawny Lou Miller

A Focused Mind, A Bursting Heart

Karen Pickell’s story “The Letter,” in Perpetual Child: Dismantling the Stereotype (Adult Adoptee Anthology), takes the reader on an emotional ride through the narrator’s mind. 339 more words


"D" - DOUBLE D's Changed My Life!

Who knew that Double D’s would change my life?

It was early on a Wednesday morning in April, 2013 when I awoke to screaming.

Well, not in the sense you might expect. 2,185 more words

Shawny Lou Miller

"C" is for COURAGE (Hidden in the Shadows of Mom and Dad)

I was adopted at two weeks of age. My parents never hid the truth from me. They were courageous and believed that I deserved to know that, even though I was… 894 more words

Shawny Lou Miller

If you are an adoptee, have you felt alone in the world with no one to talk to; wondered how other adoptees deal with their emotions; or wondered WHY you were placed for adoption? 158 more words


Do You Have Hidden Bias about Adoption?

I’ve been reading Perpetual Child: Dismantling the Stereotype (Adult Adoptee Anthology) very slowly. It’s hard to read it and not feel as if slammed in the stomach by the reality that our culture and, yes, people see adult adoptees as children. 272 more words


The "What If" Monster Almost Ate My Dream!

Ever awakened from a dream and wished it could’ve been real? What about those dreams that seem to be sending a message? Are they prompting us to do something we may, otherwise, not have had the courage to do? 1,163 more words

Shawny Lou Miller